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Summer Dresses for Women Over 30

Dresses for Moms Over 30

Summer Dresses for Women Over 30

I like to look nice just as much as the next women but finding summer dresses for women over 30 can be a challenge.

I’m over 30 so I definitely don’t want to prancing around in something from the juniors department.

I’m in the fashion stage where I want my clothes to say mature and classy. For most of my outings this summer I’ll be using dresses as my staple pieces.

They come in so many styles so today I’ll share the ones that make me feel classy and mature.

Dresses for Moms Over 30Option 1: Empire waist surplice style dress

I have a dress just like this one but in red and white.

I wore it for Mother’s Day with a white cotton tank top under and a crochet shrug.

I like anything with and empire waist because it’s forgiving at the belly. You don’t have to worry about wearing a girdle or your tummy poking out.

It’s free flowing and comes in so many styles. This dress is on sale today for $14.99 — down from $32!!

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Watch my Frumpy 2 Fab video featuring and empire waist dress.

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Dresses for Women Over 30

Option 2: Shirred Strapless Dress / Skirt

I liked this style so much I bought it in three different colors. When worn as a dress the waist again is forgiving.

When paired with a cardigan or shrug it makes the look feel mature yet youthful. Worn as a skirt I pair it with a shirt that tailored at the waist and usually add a belt.

This dress/skirt is very versatile and gives you double bang for your buck. You can find some here for $16.99 today — down from $34.

Dresses for Moms Over 30 Dresses for Moms Over 30 Dresses for Moms Over 30

Option 3: Shirt Dresses

What’s not to love about this style. I’m wearing an olive green Banana Republic shirt dress in the image at the top of this post. I adore this dress because it requires no sweater.

The sleeves can be rolled to create a short sleeved look or released to be worn as a long sleeve. Why is that important? In the South it may be hot outside but the air conditioner in public places is always on full blast.

If you get chilly, I can just roll down my sleeves. Here are links to the looks above which are very similar and are made by Michael Kors and Jessica Simpson (1, 2, 3)

Dresses for Women Over 30

Option 4: Wrap Dresses

I used to have a love hate relationship with wrap dresses. I loved the way they looked on models but not on me.

What I realized was I was buying the wrong material. The spandex fabric just doesn’t tickle my fancy but when I learned about the linen/cotton blend wrap dresses like this Jones New York dress I had to add wrap dresses back into my wardrobe.

Wrap Dress

The latest is the one shown above. I heart everything about this dress from the cap sleeve to the length. This heavier fabric wrap dress doesn’t cling to your body like the spandex counterpart. This one is flowy and regal.

These are the styles this woman over 30 will be wearing this summer. I hope these ideas give you some ideas for your wardrobe.

This post is shared as part of the #FashionFriday link up.

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Watch my Frumpy 2 Fab video featuring and empire waist dress.

To see more videos of my outfits be sure to head over to my YouTube page.

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5 thoughts on “Summer Dresses for Women Over 30

  1. Love all the dresses! It is so hard to just choose one or two! But, wrap dresses are really a smart choice, I liked it!


  2. I am a wrap dress fanatic. Whenever I’m at a loss on what to wear, I grab one. They’re so forgiving to my changing waistline!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Joyce, I can totally agree Joyce. I think women our age want clothes that look great but work with out body types and make us feel fabulous when we are wearing them. I’m glad I finally found the right wrap dress for my body type.


  3. I just love a great wrap dress! They never go out of style, so I don’t find myself donating them after a year or two. I find that lots of chic 30-somethings are taking advantage of wrap dresses. Great post, Saidah!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Amiyrah, Thanks!! wrap dresses are classics which is why I was so bummed when they never looked right on me but did on many other women. I’m so glad I finally found the right fabric so I can start adding more to my wardrobe.


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