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Frugal Work Headlight for DIY Projects

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Now that it’s gotten too hot to work outdoors in our yard we are focusing our efforts back indoors. We recently had an issue with water leaking behind our den wall so we remove all of the sheet rock.

There were some minor cracks in the foundation that needed patching. It just so happened that the wall extended behind a wall that connects to a small crawl space under our stairs.

It was a very tight fit and we were having issues with lighting under there.

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First we started out trying to use table lamps but with such a narrow entry there was little room for enough lamps to provide efficient light with out being in the way.

Germaine went on to buy a work flashlight which has been great since the one we had was old and very dim, but it was a hassle trying to cement the wall while holding a work flashlight.

Luckily I had the chance to try out Energizer’s beam headlights. It hadn’t dawned on me to try using hands free bright headlights instead of a flashlight.

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These worked so much better because they are hands free. When I got to the store (see my shopping trip) I learned there were several styles to choose from based

  • number of bulbs

  • number of lumens

  • distance of light beam

Energizer Head Lamp 014

There were several styles to choose from ranging in price from just under $5 to just under $20.

Energizer Head Lamp 016

I will definitely keep the more enhanced styles in mind for bigger project but for this one I w

ent for the most economical headlight priced at $4.88.

The lighting range was just right for the small space under the stairs. Each of the headlights come in several colors and include batteries.

This Energizer Trail Finder has a 10 hour battery life so I wanted to grab backup batteries. Unfortunately, Walmart did not carry Energizer Lithium Coin Cells.

Energizer 014

This headlamp is going to save us a lot of time on future projects as well. No longer will we be setting up lamps when working on hard to light projects like under the sink repairs.

I’m so glad to finally be done with cementing the walls and am looking forward to insulating, adding sheet rock and painting.

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To learn more about Energizer be sure to check them out on Twitter, Facebook an Energizer.com.

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7 thoughts on “Frugal Work Headlight for DIY Projects

  1. This is a great use for the headlights! You just never know when you will need one!


  2. We have some of these too! They come in handy when something needs fixing around the house…plus they are great for reading inside forts!


  3. My husband uses his headlamp all the time and loves it. In fact, I think he thinks he is making a fashion statement with it. 🙂


  4. i hope you didn’t find unwanted guest while you were tearing out walls.LOL


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @glenda, I will admit I was a little scared and didn’t want to go in there but my husband was way too tall to fit comfortably. After I saw there were no rodents or bugs…just a few spider webs. I calmed down.


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