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He Wears “S” on His Chest:The Story of A Father’s Love For His Daughters

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As he sees his princesses enter the world, he thinks to himself “All girls” …with a big sigh.

My dad and mom brought three girls into the world within years apart, not one boy in sight. Little did they know that raising girls will be tougher than they thought. Dad was the best provider and protector of his little girls and wife that anyone could ever want.

Sometimes he went overboard with us especially in the pre-teen years up to young adult. But do you blame him…Lol?  Our dad was and still is a “Superman” to us.

Raised in Brickeys, Arkansas my dad was the third oldest child out of twelve kids. My grandma and granddad had their hands full. Literally they did. Our dad could be a handful at times, as our grandmother will tell us.

They raised a great young man who became an awesome man of faith, husband, father, grandfather, son, uncle, brother, and nephew. Our dad grew up and became the hardest working man in Showbiz (other than James Brown …LOL) .He has worked at the same job, got married and had my oldest sister all around the same time.

Till this day he has been at his job for over 45 years.

Proverbs 37:23 says “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And He delights in his ways. “This particular scripture describes my dad. He is a man of integrity and wisdom.

My dad may not have always made the best decisions, but he did what he thought was best. Yes he was strict raising us girls, and he was not as easy going as our mom was. Even with us having our own lives and families, every once in a while he wants to “help us out” in doing things or in assisting us in difficult situations.

To him we are still his princesses, and our mom is his queen.

Growing up as the youngest of three girls, some may say I had it good. Well I may have, but my parents loved us more and more each day. My dad Claude Childs is the best dad any girl could ever have and his family loves him.

He is a man of his word and he doesn’t back down from his convictions. Our dad is a Superman and he wears “S” on his chest!!!!

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1 thought on “He Wears “S” on His Chest:The Story of A Father’s Love For His Daughters

  1. Believer Mitchell says:

    I jusr want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed that column on Claude Childs aka CC, lol. The sentiments about this honorable man was adoring, passionate, and captivating. Aisha is a great writer. A writer of destiny!


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