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How do You Find Quiet Time in the Morning with Young Children?

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How do You Find Quiet Time in the Morning with Young Children? -- AProverbsWife.com

Reader Question:

I am a homeschool mom of 2 children 5 and 6 years old. I agree whole hearted on getting up early for quiet time with God, however I really struggle because my 6 year old is not a sleeper.

I’ll awake at 4:00am and tip toe through the house but if he hears or feels my foot steps on the floor he is awake and, while he will go back to his room, he usually comes back out every 15 min or so to see if I’m done yet or if I’ll make him breakfast because he’s so hungry.

Any suggestions?

Saidah: Life is what it is and parenting is what it is. With a child so young who likes to wake up early and spend time with you I’d keep my quiet time to whatever he can tolerate.

If he can only tolerate 15 minutes in his room while you pray or read your Bible, only devote 15 minutes. With God it’s not so much about the amount of time but the willingness to spend time with him. Your son is the same way with you in the morning as God wants us to be with Him.

Eager to see Him and spend time with Him. In fact, He wants us to come to Him as hungry as your son is. He wants us to be famished for His presence and His word. I hope this gives you some perspective and encouragement.

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Megan: My boys (4 and 6) are the same way. One is super hungry and ready for breakfast while the other just wants to be with mommy.

I would recommend trying to let him cuddle up quietly under a blanket with mommy while she does her quiet time. As long as he is quiet, she can still spend her time with God, and the bonus is that her son will get to see what a real relationship with God looks like. It could end up being something he remembers for the rest of his life.

If he won’t be quiet, try getting him an alarm clock. Make it clear he cannot get out of bed until the alarm goes off. Sometimes having something to watch can either help them go back to sleep or put concrete boundaries on when it is time to get out of bed versus stay in bed. Hope this helps!

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Griselle: You can include him if he continually wakes. Prepare a light snack for him the night before to keep his belly from screaming.Try finding a coloring book pertaining to the Bible and have him color.

Explain that this is mommy’s special time with God and if he can sit quietly he can be at the table or area she reads. It may take a few times to get him to understand but maybe it will work. 

 You could also do your readings at night or wake up to pray in bed. 

 Also, try finding a Bible on iTunes that way you can listen to it in bed or as you are going through your day.

 It’s not easy so hats off to you for your heart.

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Kimberly: I also have a non sleeper. My daughter is 3 and if she hears I’m up, she’s up like a light.

What I do to get quiet time is put her some activity out. If I’m sitting at the table, I’ll usually let her watch a bit of tv, draw, color or paint.

I also include snacks, and tell her that it’s important that mommy reads her bible.

Sometimes, when we go out to get journals, I’ll tell her that this is her “special” journal and she can only have it during our quiet times.

That way she’s knows it’s a quiet time notebook she can draw, write, or paint in.

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Jennifer: If he gets up early while you’re is having quiet time, try and establish a rule that he stay in his bed until Mommy is done talking with God.  

Sometimes explaining to a child that this is Mommy’s special time to read the Bible and pray can help. At 6 they should be at an age where they understand.  Now at 2 or 1 that is a different story.  

I would also suggest you put flash light and some books by his bed and he can “read” until Mommy comes and gets him out of bed.

I totally understand that doesn’t always work but making him practice it each day should help.

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Melanie: I too have one of these kids. I have found that it is easier and more productive for me to have my quiet time right after breakfast with the littles.

We all take a quiet time together. They can read a book in their room or on special occasions they will watch a movie and they know this is mommy s time to read and pray.

They are fed and happy and that affords me more time than chancing waking them up.

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