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How to Have a Peaceful Financial Meeting with Your Spouse

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We’ve written a lot about how we manage our finances and by sharing our experiences has helped to keep us accountable.

One of the biggest hindrances to financial success aside from not making enough money is financial disagreements.

Today I want to share three tips on how I prepare for a financial meeting with Germaine and avoid disagreements.

By sharing a snippet of how we discuss and manage our finances I’m hoping to give you some ideas that can help you and your family.

How to Have a Financial Meeting with Your Spouse

1. Decide on the topic.

Whenever we need to talk about finances we decide on an area of discussion beforehand and let the other know that we need to talk about this particular topic. Whether discussing updates about how much to save in our emergency fund or changes to our budget, we make sure the other is prepared to discuss that specific topic.

We (try not to) spring financial discussions with one another. If it’s the middle of the day when he or I are working, we try not to call and begin a long discussion about financial issues. We normally set a day and time to talk about it which leads to my next tip.

2. Gather your tools and information.

Every meeting we have focuses around our financial planning binder. All the information we might need in a meeting is in this binder.

It gives us easy access to balances, monthly bills, monthly payments, short and long term goals and more.

Having this notebook available during the meeting allows us to have shorter meetings because we are not wasting time looking for documents or information.

3. Choose sides.

Before starting a financial meeting I remind myself that Germaine and I are on the same team. This can be hard when money is shrinking and tempers are growing but it’s going to be a powerful tool in the successful outcome of your finances.

Ending a meeting knowing we were working together toward a common goal always gave my husband the push he needed to go out and make it happen.

Knowing he was on my side by showing empathy for my fears about financial strains and shortfalls made me confident that we were in this together.  You have to remain in the same team.

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In our family, my husband is primarily and ultimately responsible for the outcome of our finances, however we both work together to manage our money and reach of goals.

We’ve settled into our financial roles through careful prayer and consideration. We’ve identified our strengths and weaknesses and use them accordingly to strengthen the impact of our financial decisions.

I want you to succeed in your finances and have partnered with Genworth Financial to share six posts over the next six months where I will give financial insights into things that have helped Germaine and I better manage our wealth.

I hope you will join the conversation, learn a lot and become a better steward over your finances.

To see what goals we accomplished this year, check out this video.

youtube.com/v/FHQJNZEGD04?hl=en_US&version=3&rel=0″ />

What goals have you set and accomplished this year?


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