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Nail Design Tutorial: Colorful Tips

Nail DesignTutorial: Colorful Tips

Let me start off by saying, I am not a professional! I simply enjoy having nails that look nice without having to pay to go to a nail salon. As a momma, I don’t always have the time or the money to do that so I love working with what I have around the house.

For years, I bit my nails. It was my biggest bad habit. If I was nervous, I bit my nails. If I was studying, I bit my nails, and I don’t just mean little nibbles here, ladies. It was so bad that I would bite them down until they would bleed and then be sore for days. It was a nasty habit. Well, it seems I have finally broken that habit, and to celebrate, I wanted to paint my nails in a way that showed just how much they had grown!

So today, we are learning a homemaker’s version of colorful tips.

Nail Design Tutorial: Colorful Tips

First start with your color of choice. I chose a pretty light blue with a bit of green in it. The other item you will need, unless you have an extremely steady hand, unlike me, is tape. Regular old scotch tape from the dollar store will do. Remember, we are using what we have around the house. Don’t have tape? What about bandaids? Or stickers? Hole protectors? I could probably figure out how to use plastic wrap and a rubber band if needed, but that is a bit of work! The point is you need something to protect your skin under and around your nail from the inevitable extra polish. So here is what I did…


I tucked the tape under the free-edge of my nail and wrapped it around behind my finger. This way it protected my finger from the polish as I don’t have very steady hands… especially when I use my non-dominant hand to paint. Wrap the tape for all fingers on one hand that way you can quickly go from nail to nail.


Next, starting on whichever side seems most comfortable, slowly paint following the free-edge along the top of your nail. If you mess-up a little you can always go back with a Q-tip and nail polish remover to clean it up. The tape should catch any excess paint. Remove the tape from each finger as soon as you are done before it dries.

Nail DesignTutorial: Colorful Tips

If you have a translucent polish, like glitter or a french manicure style pink, after the tips have dried, you can apply a single coat over the entire nail to really bring the look together.

Nail DesignTutorial: Colorful Tips

The last step is to apply a top coat. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this particular one because it dries really fast. As a momma of two little boys, this is super important if I want my nails to stay looking nice! The top coat also keeps your nails looking nice for a longer period of time without chipping. Apply one coat over each entire nail, and as soon as it dries, you are done!

Nail DesignTutorial: Colorful Tips

Beautiful, cute, and affordable nails done at home. Enjoy!

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