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3 Summer Style Tips for Women | Bold, Bright & Bling

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Germaine and I were preparing for a weekend away and I was super excited to have him to myself.

I decided to pack some extra pretty stuff using the fashion tips I had be hoarding from my fashionista buddy Julie.

This girl is so fly…I tell ya. Not many people I know personally inspire my fashion senses but Julie is fly as all get out!!

When ever we get together we talk about parenting, how awesome God is and fashion.

Here are some of the tips I’ve gleaned from her over the last few weeks.

Summer Style Tips for Women | Bold, Bright & Bling

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Bling out everything including your feet!!

I never thought about bringing the bling to my feet. I love sparkles but I’m not into the sparkly platform heels that have been all the rage this summer and that doesn’t change just because some shoe designer paints the bottoms red.

But when Julie suggested flip flops with bling I was sold. In fact, in order for me to wear flip flops they have to have some sort of details that makes they look like grown up sandal and bling does just that.

Weekened Planning 001

Bold, Bright Colors!!

Julie and I also talked about bold colors and I knew I wanted to bring more color into my wardrobe.

I started last year and this year have added a few more colors. If you are a frugal shopper like me who wants to add new colors to your wardrobe on a shoestring budget you’ll want to keep an eye on the selection at Goodwill.

I’ve found some snazzy pieces with the tags still on them all for under $5!!  Weekened Planning 002

Name Brand for Less!!

I am super frugal and still working on becoming debt free but still find ways to add quality pieces to my wardrobe on a frugal budget.


Each time we hit a financial milestone we treat ourselves to something nice. The last milestone was fully funding our emergency fund and Germaine bought me two Coach bags — one for my birthday in February 2012 and one for Valentines Day.

We do not pay full price for name brand items. We shop out of season, Goodwill (well I shop Goodwill — Germaine is having none of it) and we shop outlet stores like the Coach outlet (invite link).

I have really enjoyed putting Julie’s tips to use in my wardrobe and I hope they have inspired you to do something new with your wardrobe.

Which of these fashion tips inspire you to do something new with your wardrobe? What tips would you add?

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6 thoughts on “3 Summer Style Tips for Women | Bold, Bright & Bling

  1. I really love that bright yellow dress! I used to wear more bright colours, but had a job where I needed to wear all black (head to toe) so ended up with a lot of black stuff in my wardrobe. I have started adding more colour back in, though. I love the idea to have glitzy flip flops. Comfort + style? I’m in! Also – great idea about the treats you give each other when you reach financial milestones.


  2. Love adding bling to the feet! Summer is a perfect time to do so since we are already showing off those cute pedicures. I would add that placing some pattern into your wardrobe is great for the summer. There are so many great patterns in the summer trends this year, and luckily, patterns tend to not go out of style.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Amiyrah, Pattern is one of the things I love about the 2 dresses I featured in the post. The one with the blues and greens is my favorite. The fit is amazing and the patterns are so unique. Thanks for pointing out another great tip!!


  3. I love the bold bright colors. When I was in Philly, I wore dark colors a lot…even in the summer. Now that I’m in Cali, I’m all about the colors!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Brandi, Dark colors used to be my safety net. Now I purposely seek out color to add to my outfit everyday. Dark colors and neutrals feel safe but I try to challenge myself to find my sense of style and experiment with colors that compliment my skin tone. I’ve found that I actually look great in bright colors. You look great in everything Brandi!!


    Brandi Reply:

    @The Proverbs Wife, Thanks so much! You look great in everything, too. Your gorgeous skin really helps you stand out in color. That’s another tip that I picked up on. Bright colors call attention to your skin, so we have to take care of it!


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