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What to Wear When Running Errands

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Guess what ladies? I’m just like every other woman, wife and mom on the planet.


On the days when I have to shop for groceries, spend time with the kids, and attend play dates I dress according to the day’s events.

On busy days my goal is to dress as comfortable as possible without looking frumpy.

Obviously I’m not going to dress as if I were going on a date because I would be uncomfortable toting bags and such, but I also don’t want to forsake a well put together look.

What to Wear When Running Errands

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Today is one of those busy days where I need to grocery shop so instead of wearing any type of high heel I opt for low to no heel shoes.

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When running errands I basically stick to two guidelines when choosing what to wear.

1. Avoid T-Shirts: I try to stick with this rule because I don’t own any t-shirts that make me feel girly. Mine makes me feel like I need to be wearing sneakers. They look sporty and not feminine so I stay away from the tees I own.

2. Avoid Sneakers: While sneakers feel oh so comfy I don’t feel as feminine wearing them. I have some nice warm up suits and work out clothes but try to keep those designated to times when I’m actually going to the gym not to run errands.

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As I said, I try to choose a comfortable shoe with a low to no heel.

For today’s look I wore a pair of brown sandals with the glassy orange stone and a slight heel.

I paired it with a light weight top with ruched shoulders and flower detailing.

I wore some knee length Old Navy shorts and a brown purse.

Watch my Frumpy 2 Fab video for more style ideas.

To see more videos of my outfits be sure to head over to my YouTube page.

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