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Back to School Shopping for Unlimited Wireless Plans

Back to School Shooping for Unlimited Wireless Plans

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I only have a few short weeks with my kids before they go back to school and so far things are chugging along as normal. I’ve started shopping for school clothes and checking items off my school supply lists. I also started reorganizing my school year binder which helps me keep track of each child’s progress and school year activities.

In addition, I’ve begun shopping for a cheap wireless plan for my son. (GASP!!!)

Walmart Family Mobile Unlimted Plan

I’ve been hemming and hawing about getting a mobile phone for my son for the last two years due to pick up issues with after school practices. Up until now, if after school practice pickup times changed he’d have to borrow a phone from a friend or teacher to call me.

Walmart Family Mobile 002

This year I’ve decided it’s the right time to get him a phone and added it to our back to school shopping list.

In choosing a mobile plan I wanted one that was nowhere near as expensive as my mobile plan. My mobile plan includes many bells and whistles necessary for work but on the other hand my son’s phone will only need to do one thing — and that’s call me or his dad.

Walmart Family Mobile 014

With him having a cell phone this year I’ll be more at ease about unexpected after school practice changes.

Another thing I’ll be at ease about is the price. For my son’s phone service I chose the Walmart Family Mobile unlimited plan because I wanted a cheap wireless plan.

Walmart Family Mobile 004

The Walmart Family Mobile plan offers unlimited talk, text and web for $39.88 per month with select mobile phones. My mom pays more than that for her line which has no bells and whistles.

It was very easy to get started. We set up our account online in about 10 minutes and then personalized the phone settings. We added his email account and talked about how to use the phone’s calendar to stay organized.

Walmart Family Mobile 008

Not only will my son be able to make and receive calls but I plan to help him stay organized this school year with his mobile phone. We plan to link our calendars and all assignment reminders from his teachers will go right to his phone.

I use my mobile phone to keep my life organized and I’m looking forward to teaching my son to do the same.

Walmart Family Mobile 001


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6 thoughts on “Back to School Shopping for Unlimited Wireless Plans

  1. My husband and I have use this service since it first started. My friend also started when we did. I would not go back to a regular cellphone plan. It has gotten better with each year. the unlimited talk, text, and web plan can not get any cheaper. The only drawback that I can find is that you have to purchase your phone outright. But if you are not one to want every new phone out there you save up for a new phone and get when you have the money to pay for it. Which is the way I do. MY husband has a hard time figuring out a basic phone…LOL.

    You can’t go wrong considering any of Walmart’s phone plans. I have heard good things about their other plans, too.


  2. Public pay phone are increasingly becoming extinct. Cell phones are becoming mandatory for childrne at a younger age. It is great that there are affordable mobile plans available.


  3. Our son has been asking for a phone for awhile now…up til this year there really wasn’t a good reason to spend the money on one, but this year he heads off to Middle School and I am beginning to soften on the idea so we can contact him and vice versa. this sounds like something we should look at.


  4. Alaina Bullock says:

    We saw this a week after we renewed our contract with our carrier! Oh how I wish we had seen it before! It is such a great deal!


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