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Versatile Summer Travel Looks with Sears Affordable Fashion

Versatile Summer Travel Looks

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I love when my husband plans time away for just him and I. It’s so important to our marriage to spend time with the children but it’s equally important for us to spend time without them.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some affordable fashion pieces from Sears for our weekend away in Maryland. The fact that I had to wait on my order to arrive meant I couldn’t pack right away.

It didn’t matter since I always wait until the last minute to pack anyway.

You might find that amazing so I’ll share my packing method with you in a bit but before I do I want to talk about what I ordered and wore.

My goal was to look amazing for my husband and mimic one of the hot summer fashion trends on pages 3 of the Live SoFab Summer Digital Magazine.

To recreate that cute ‘white dress’ trend I decided to head over to Sears to do a little shopping on their website.

My goal was to pick not only a white dress but also some additional pieces my husband would love. I wanted to choose pieces that could be mixed and matched to create different looks later.

Sears order

What I ordered:

  • Robbie Bee Women’s Party Dress ($30.34)

  • Metaphor Women’s Ruffled Peplum Blouse top in spectra green ($12.27)

  • Studio S bracelet Bangle Goldtone Chunky ($7.08)

  • Bongo Junior’s hexagon jewelry bundle ($8.14)

TOTAL: $57.83

My total was initially $66.10 but by logging into my Sears shop your way member account I was able to apply reward points plus a coupons code to reduce my total.

POW!! Affordable fashion!!

Once my order arrived I paired them with pieces I already had in my closet and decided on the following looks.

Outfit #1 with Gold Accessories

Sears Fashion 010

Sears Fashion 013

Sears Fashion 014

Outfit #1 with White Accessories

Sears Fashion 015

Outfit #2 with White Accessories

Sears Fashion 019

Outfit #2 with Gold/Wood Accessories & Belt

Sears Fashion 020

Sears Fashion 021

Sears Fashion 022

Sears Fashion 023

Sears Fashion 024

So now that you know what I wore, let me tell you why I’m able to wait until about 24 hours before I plan to leave, to pack.

It might sound crazy but the truth of the matter is I’m really already packed in my mind.


The reason I can pack so fast is because I follow 3 these very simple steps.

Step 1 – I keep my clothes ironed and organized.

My closet and drawers are pretty much organized. Not to the point of OCD, but I pretty much can look in my closet or drawers and grab several outfits that are pre ironed. Once a month I take an afternoon and iron up a few pieces so I rarely have to worry about ironing when I need something to wear.

Step 2 – I choose the right travel bag.

I don’t travel a whole lot, maybe a few times a year, but I do know exactly how many outfits can fit into the my luggage. Whether it is my suitcase, my overnight bag or my carry on, I generally know what I can get in there.

Because I know what will fit in my bags I don’t end up choosing a bag that too small and having to transfer everything to a larger bag.

I choose once and pack once.

Step 3 – I pack like a soldier.

I spent time in the United States Army and one of the first things we learned was how to pack a ruck sack. The goal was to get everything we needed into our bag – and we were required to have a lot of stuff in there. From shelf stable food, change of clothes, gear for various changes in temperature and more. All of it had to fit into this ruck sack. Packing like a soldier involves a lot of tucking, folding and rolling. It also involves utilizing the space inside of items such as shoes.

If you never experienced watching a soldier pack, you should search for a video on YouTube sometime.

I’m sure you will gain a lot of great tips.

For those of you who like to talk fashion be sure to join the Sears fashion convo on Facebook or Twitter using the #ThisisStyle hashtag.

For more style inspiration head over to my fashion blog Aprons And Stilletos to see which 4 key pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Okay, pretties!! Which if these two styles could you see yourself in?

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11 thoughts on “Versatile Summer Travel Looks with Sears Affordable Fashion

  1. I love those dresses. They look great on you. I would choose the eyelet one for myself.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    The eyelet detail is what really took the dress from just a white summer dress to something delicate and beautiful.


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