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50/20/30 Sweepstakes

How do you divvy up your paycheck? LearnVest has developed the 50/20/30rule to help you make the most of your paycheck. One lucky winner will receive; $500 to go towards essentials like your A/C bill in the summer, $200 for a savings goal and $300 for lifestyle choices such as going out for dinner or your yoga classes. To enter, sign up for a LearnVest account and get access to free money tips, tools and advice to help you get organized and be in control of your money and you’ll be automatically entered into the sweepstakes.

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2 thoughts on “50/20/30 Sweepstakes

  1. I don’t really have a system for my pay the lord provides for my daily needs. I lack nothing I give back at least 20% for gods kingdom


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