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A Prize In Every Candle


I came across a great gift idea the other day. It is called “A Prize Hidden in Every Candle“.  I would have never though of this. It is a soy candle with a special prize for the you in each one. Each candle contains a ring valued at $5-$5,000. It brings back childhood memories of going to the supermarket, sticking 50 cents in the machine and hoping you get the ring that you’ve had your eye on. I have a great love for candles and to have a ring that could be worth a great value is exciting to me.

If you are a new member you receive $8 off your first candle when you join the monthly candle club.

Below you can see how the Prize Candle works.




If you are interested in learning more about the Prize Candle or you would like to purchase one head over here.

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