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DIY School Year Binder for Public School or Homeschool Students

School Year Notebook 018 (468x351)

Not too long ago I shared a peek inside my school year binder which I use to stay on top of all things related to school and each of my children.

When I homeschooled I used a similar but much more in depth method of organizing the school year and simply incorporated similar aspects into this notebook.

Student School Year Binder

I used to keep the kids school stuff in my Homemaking Binder but found it worked better to dedicate a whole binder to school.

I made mine very easily and will share a few quick steps with you on how to make one and what you should consider storing inside.

What you’ll need:

  • 1″ inch or larger binder

  • dividers

  • sheet protectors (optional)

  • hole punch

First you’ll want to start with a 1″ or lager binder. I use a 2″ binder for three children.

DIY School Year Notebook

Next you’ll need to insert a divider for each child.

School Year Notebook 003 (468x351)

Now, because I don’t want to use my children’s official school documents I’m using labeled notebook paper to represent what I keep in each child’s section.

The first thing I place in each child’s section is their school year calendar. This is something I use all year. When I get it, I enter all the important dates in Google calendar. My calendar is linked to my phone so I am able to access it at any time.

School Year Notebook 010 (468x351)

I like to keep this in a sheet protector since it will be in here for 180 days. This way I don’t have to worry about it being torn.

School Year Notebook 004 (468x351)

The next thing I have is each child’s school supply list. This stays in the section until after everything is purchased.

School Year Notebook 011 (468x351)

School Year Notebook 005 (468x351)

After the first week of school, I add a copy of the class schedule to my notebook. Having the class schedule helps whenever I need to pick my child up early. The class schedule tells me exactly where they (should be) at any given time throughout the school day.

School Year Notebook 012 (468x351)

I also keep this sheet in a sheet protector since it’s used for the entire school year.

School Year Notebook 006 (468x351)

This section is such a huge help. With three children in school there seems to always be something that needs a signature. That’s what goes into this sheet protector.

As paperwork comes in each week it goes in here until I am ready to sign it. I sign school paperwork once a week.  Things such as trip permission slips, forms for the main office and even school fundraiser stuff ends up in this sheet protector.

School Year Notebook 007 (468x351)

The next section is used to store interim’s and report cards. After we review them with each child and discuss the plan of action for the next few weeks, I slide their interim’s in here.

School Year Notebook 013 (468x351)

At the end of the school year this entire section is filed away along with any reward certificates or state test scores they may have received.

School Year Notebook 014 (468x351)

School Year Notebook 008 (468x351)

The next thing in each child’s section is a few copies of my printable Absent Student forms. Having these forms handy is a time saver.

School Year Notebook 009 (468x351)

I just grab one fill in the blanks and give it to my child who is returning to school.


     Lastly I store each schools rule booklet in the very back of each child’s section. This helps when I need to recall the early school closing policy or simply lunch restrictions.

It’s also helpful when I am looking for a specific school number that may not be on my phone. At the beginning of the school year I always enter the main office and each of my children’s teacher numbers in my telephone but it’s always good to have a backup resource.

School Year Notebook 016 (468x351)

After setting up a section for one child I repeat the process and create a section for my other children.

School Year Notebook 017 (468x351)

  School Year Notebook 020 (468x351)

Additional Things to Store:

If you don’t want to use a binder you could use a magazine file and store each student paperwork in file folders.

School Year Notebook 023 (468x351)

I really enjoyed putting together my new binder and hope it inspires you to become more organized this school year.

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  1. Stacey Greene-McNeil says:

    Thanks Saidah..I’m always looking for ways to get organised and this certainly helped…much blessings.


  2. Mandy Smith says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing and encouraging on your blog. I love it! You are just precious. I know your family is so blessed by you. Have a good day!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Mandy Smith, Thanks Mandy!!


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