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Help Adopt A Classroom

I think in the times we are living it is always important to help eachother. Post-It is trying to raise 25,000 to adopt a classroom.

AdoptAClassroom.org is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports student success by empowering teachers with the funds they need to purchase classroom materials.

AdoptAClassroom.org pairs donors with teachers online, and then allows teachers to choose the most critical resources to meet the unique needs of their students. Since 1998, AdoptAClassroom.org has helped over 3.5 million students in classrooms in all 50 states.


The simple act of leaving a note for our loved ones can make a world of difference. Check out the many ways people are making each other’s days brighter, below. And when you’re ready — share your own note with us telling how you’ve made a difference.

Post-It is aiming to raise $25,000 for AdoptAClassroom.org. Every story that you share on Facebook will trigger a $1 donation from us.

As of today, shares of stories on this site have pledged $1,749 to the charity. Keep finding great stories in the galleries and keep sharing the best ones so we can reach our $25,000 goal!


If you are interested in helping head over and share or a short story of your own to share on Facebook or share someone else’s story that you admire to help contribute to the fundraising.

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