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Marriage Tip #2: Serve Like Jesus


Next month I’m challenging myself to serve my husband more. There are plenty of ways I can do that which I’ve given examples of in 13 Ways to Tell Your Husband You Love Him Without Saying a Word and in 18 Ways to Honor Your Husband this Year.

Nowadays I reap great joy from serving my husband.

He’s a very giving man and over the years he’s become the next best thing to Jesus in my life. But there was a time when he was selfish, arrogant and spiteful.

That’s the man I originally made a commitment to God to serve and honor.

God required me to serve the husband I used to have and I didn’t want to.

I thought it was unfair and at the very core I felt like I was going to get walked on.

And for a while I did. For a while I gave in when I felt I was right.

I kept my mouth shut when I wanted to argue my point.

I began to humble myself to Gods request for me to humble myself to my husband.

I started honoring my husband as if he were the next best thing to Jesus and he later became the next best thing to Jesus.

If you are in a traditional American marriage, not all…but some of the condition if your marriage are your fault.

Most likely you chose your spouse. You thought he was good enough to marry but now he’s not good enough to serve and honor.

No matter what your marital situation, today it can change for the better.

Don’t limit God.

I wanted a better marriage and I cried out to God for it.

I didn’t want to be in a miserable marriage the rest of my life and divorce was not an option.

I stopped trying to change my husband and worked on changing me.

I decided to do what it took to get the reward God had for me.

Today my marriage gets better everyday.

I look forward to being with my husband every moment of the day.

Do you want to experience a great marriage that will impact the lives of those around you?

Are you willing to do what it takes to get that kind of marriage?

I want to pray for you. It’s my reasonable service. Before you go answer the question below.

What are you afraid will happen if you give your husband headship in the marriage?

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2 thoughts on “Marriage Tip #2: Serve Like Jesus

  1. Deanna Fredendall says:

    I feel like I would have no say in household decisions. We agreed that we would always talk about things and come up with a decision together. He doesn’t want to be the only one making decisions!!!


  2. I feel so bad, I can’t sleep. My wife of 23 years told me about her boyfriend today. Lord please help us!


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