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Using a Mobile Phone and Cheap Wireless Plan to Organize the School Year

Using a Mobile Phone and Cheap Plan to Organize the School Year

Using a Mobile Phone and Cheap Plan to Organize the School Year

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Can you believe the summer is almost over and kids everywhere will be back in school?

We have a few more minor details to complete but have finished up the major aspects including updating my DIY school year binder which will help keep track of each child’s progress and school year activities.

Another tool we’ll use this year to keep track of school activities is the mobile phone we bought thanks to the cheap wireless plan at Walmart.

Walmart Family Mobile 002

So far we’ve been practicing with using the calendar to keep track of upcoming school events as well as when my son is scheduled to work at church.

He’s in charge of lights and sound for our youth ministry. We get a digital reminder and schedule each week and I am teaching him how to save it in his phone calendar.

plan1 plan2

For my sons mobile phone line we chose Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Text and Talk plan for $29.88 and the Concord Smartphone.

Walmart Family Mobile 014

We’ve been absolutely happy with the service and the phones ease of use.

Walmart Family Mobile 004

It took just a few days for my son to get the hang of keeping track of his appointments using the phone’s calendar. He and I get together once a week to sync calendars and set up reminders.

Walmart Family Mobile 008

He likes getting alerts to remind him of upcoming activities. I’ve found that he’s already become more responsible with his schedule and I feel less burdened to remind him about scheduled activities.

I use my mobile phone to keep my life organized and so far of all the things I’ve tried to help my son keep his busy scheduled organized, this has been the first to make an instant impact.

I am so glad Walmart sent us this phone to try their cheap wireless plan out for free.

My son had been very reluctant about having a cell phone because he didn’t want to responsibility of keeping up with it.

Now that he’s used it for a month he is so happy to have a phone. He no longer has to remember minute details of his life, he feels better about being able to contact me when he’s out and he’s so excited about school starting a few days.

Walmart Family Mobile 001


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