How To Fill a Drawer Hole with Wood Filler

We are kind of all over the place with home improvement projects but we’ve been primarily focusing on our master bedroom and bathroom since it’s gotten too hot to work on the yard.

How to Fill a Drawer Hole with Wood Filler

One project I’m specifically working on this is redesigning a thrifted dresser I bought off craigslist.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 006

My plan is to paint it an entirely different color. To begin the transformation I removed all of the hardware and spray painted it gold.

One of the drawer pulls was broken and needed to be replaced.

The existing holes are larger than I need for the new drawer pulls so  I’m filling them with wood filler and will drill new holes.

My Process for Filling Drawer Holes with Wood Filler

1. First clean the area where the hole is if any dust or debris.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 007

2. Next grab your preferred wood filler. I use FIX professional interior exterior wood filler in the color natural.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 009

3. For this next step you can use a butter knife or your hand to fill in the holes with wood filler. I prefer using a butter knife but usually end up using my fingers to make tiny pieces of wood filler to stuff in the hole for a more precise fit… but that’s just me.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 012

FYI: wood filler dries quickly and as it dries on your finger tips it will feel like dry Krazy glue so I suggest washing your hands immediately after applying if you decide to use your fingers.

4. Now you want to remove any excess filler from around the area. I just scrape off any excess using my butter knife and then wipe around the hole with mineral spirits or a cleaning rag and cleaning spray.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 015

5. Let it dry, sand and stain if needed.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 013

Since my holes won’t be visible, I skipped the sanding and staining.

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