10 Tips on How to Have a Clean Kitchen and Dining Room

10 Tips on How to Have a Clean Kitchen and Dining Room

We try not to leave dirty dishes in the sinks over night because I don’t want to create an environment for creepy crawly critters.

10 Tips on How to Have a Clean Kitchen and Dining Room

Our goal is to have everything in the kitchen and dining room cleaned up and clutter free before we go to bed.

Ending the night with a clean kitchen and dining room makes mornings run much easier in our home. No one likes waking up to prepare their breakfast only to have to wash the dishes need to prepare it before they can get started.

Here are 10 tips on how we maintain a clean kitchen and dining room.

1. I rarely hand wash dishes anymore but when I did I’d do them as much as three times a day. Nowadays, my husband and kids help out a lot in the kitchen and we pack our ultra quiet and super fabulous dishwasher through the day as dishes are used.

We run the dishwasher 2-3 times a day depending on the time of the year. Of course with the kids out of school during the summers there are more dishes to keep clean.

2. During the Summer, the first time I load the dishwasher for the day is after lunch. When the kids are out of school for the Summer there are usually enough dishes in the dishwasher by then to start a full load.

If school is in session, the dishwasher is not loaded until after school snacks have been eaten. This ensure all dishes are clean before I start dinner.

3. During the school year, the first time I load the dishwasher for the day is once after school snacks have been eaten.

My husband and I don’t make enough dishes during the day to run the dishwasher until later in the day so it’s used less often.

3. When preparing dinner, I already know all of the dinner dishes will not fit on the dishwasher so as I’m cooking dinner I set up a sink full of hot water.

While I’m cooking I wash (or have the kids wash) cutting boards, water bottles and food prep bowls.

4. After serving dinner, my youngest son is in charge of wiping the refrigerator doors, counters and the stove. My oldest son is in charge of sweeping the kitchen floor.

Each child must wipe their table spot and then vacuum the floor around their seat.

5. My youngest daughter makes sure the sink is clear of all dishes. Any dishes that couldn’t fit in the dishwasher after dinner are hand washed.

The hand washed dishes are places on a drying rack where they drip dry overnight and I put them away in the morning when I unpack the dishwasher.

6. My daughter then uses two squirts per sink of whatever spray we have and wipes down the sink and faucets.

7. Before we close the kitchen for the night we gather up all sponges and place them in their laundry basket and then turn the dishwasher on.

8. Now my kitchen and dining room is sparkly clean!

9. In the morning we all work together to put away the dishes on the drying rack, and unload the dishwasher.

10. Finally we rinse and repeat the process!!

Here’s my sparkly clean kitchen sink!!

10 Tips on How to Have a Clean Kitchen and Dining Room

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