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Canvas People


I’m popping in really quickly to tell you about the Canvas People $5 SALE!!

You can get an 9×10 or 11×13 canvas print for $5 plus shipping!! This is much lower than what I paid when I ordered mine.

With six family birthdays and Christmas right around the corner my husband and I are already thinking about frugal, but meaningful gift ideas as well as ways to fund Christmas debt free.

We’re not the type to go all crazy with Christmas shopping. Each of the kids in our family will get one gift each and we’ll buy gifts for our parents.

Since we started working on becoming debt free a few years ago, we’ve never gone back to buying tons of gifts for the kids and at least one thing for everyone in the family.

This is what works for us. Let us know what works for you.

Who do you buy gifts for at Christmas?


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