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Organizing a Small Bathroom

Organizing a Small Bathroom

While we did gain twice as much bedroom space by moving our master bedroom downstairs we did not gain anymore bathroom space.

In fact the size is about the same with way less storage.

Organizing a Small Bathroom

This bathroom has no cabinets and had only one built in shelf. When we bought the house we hung a 2 tier metal shelf and called it a day. That worked great when this was a guest bathroom, however once we moved down here we had to figure out how we would store our hygiene related stuff.

Organizing a Small Bathrrom

Here are some ideas on how we keep our tiny bathroom organized with limited storage space.

1. The first thing we did after moving down here is installed two more shelves above the one that was already here. Before this I had never built a thing so I am pretty happy with the way the shelves turned out.

First I installed the top shelf and then it took me a year before I finished the project and installed the second shelf.

Installing shelving added a bunch of open storage space but I realized I needed some closed storage space to tuck away things like cleaning products.

2. I bought in a nightstand table to hold some of the items that I’d rather not have to look at every time I came in the bathroom or either were hard to organize items.

The top drawer of the nightstand holds my makeup and and everything I need for my 5 step manicures or gel nail manicures.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 036

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 038

The bottom cabinet works great for concealing bathroom cleaning products and my hair care supplies.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 039

These two spaces are not as user friendly as I’d like so I plan to bring in some drawer dividers, a tension rod and shelf to make this space work better.

3. I re-purposed several items from my kitchen to organize my bathroom. I used bowls from Crate and Barrel to hold toothpaste and soap.

Organizing a Small Bathroom

I used a clear plastic tray from the Dollar Tree for our toothpaste and toothbrushes. Our sink is a pedestal sink and there is nowhere to lay these items so having this nightstand here gave us some much needed counter space.

The tray works to protect the surface from water damage.

The glass that holds our toothbrushes is a small vase from Bath and Body works and the white bowl with my hair and bob pins is a Ramekin or bouillon bowls. — I know…I know…I’m a genius. 😀

I also a glass candy jar to hold cotton balls and a glass candy dish to hold my perfume.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 023

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 025

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 039

4. Baskets are great for shelves especially when you want to conceal or group things. I use baskets to store personal hygiene items and extra toilet paper.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 020

I also use them to conceal and store sanitary products.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 022-crop

This basket goes on the higher shelves until needed and then it’s moved to a lower shelf until it’s no longer needed. I check the inventory and refill it once a month.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 030

Finally, I keep another basket beside my shower area to hold personal hygiene items used specifically in the shower. eg., shampoos, conditioner, body wash, razors.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 028

The basket was re-purposed and originally held three glass water bottles identical to the one on my nightstand table.

If you have a small bathroom I truly hope this post gave you some ideas on how to create more storage for your small space.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 033

      Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 032 What is the most challenging part of your bathroom to keep clean? Better yet, what part of your bathroom do you hate to clean? 😀

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6 thoughts on “Organizing a Small Bathroom

  1. I bought a small vase for my makeup brushes, as well as my lipsticks. Makes a huge difference!


  2. I love this! I just moved into a new house and totally need some organization for my bathroom right now! Thanks for sharing! I LOVE all the pics!! Your bathroom looks fabulous!!


  3. I love the colors of your bathroom. We only have 1 bathroom in our home & it’s also very tiny. I love using baskets!
    We need to replace the ceiling in our bathroom & when we do it needs a new paint job!

    I HATE cleaning the tub/shower. It’s the worst. I have a bad habit of letting it go too long & then it’s harder to clean!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @selina, I’m the same way with my tubs and showers. The material the builder used for the shower is one I’d never want installed again. it has tiny groves that make it so hard to clean. A grill brush and Clorox Gel is the only thing that works but the amount needed to clean the shower makes our eyes burn…literally. The shower/tub I had growing up was so much easier to clean.


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