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Cheesy One Pot Chicken

Cheesy One Pot Chicken - AProverbsWife.com

Cheesy One Pot Chicken - AProverbsWife.com

This is one of my easy and stress free recipe ideas. I like it because I can basically pull most of it from the fridge and freezer.

I also like it because my kids have bottomless stomachs and this main dish seems to make a lot and fill them up.

For this meal I use:

  • pre-shredded chicken from the freezer that’s been thawed.

  • shredded cheddar cheese.

  • pasta sauce.

  • ricotta cheese or sour cream (depend on what I have in the fridge)

  • pasta noodles (whatever kind I have in the cabinet)

I make this just as I would make lasagna meaning sometimes I pre boil the noodles and sometime I don’t. (Hey…that’s how I do!!)

You can check out my official cheesy chicken pasta recipe here but for the most part I do the following.

I add everything to a large bowl starting with the chicken, then the noodles. Next I add the sauces (pasta sauce and ricotta or sour cream).

Next I add half of the cheddar cheese and mix everything up. Next it gets dumped into a my favorite casserole dish and baked on 325 degrees until either the noodles have softened (if I’ve used uncooked noodles) or until semi firm on the top.

I have a love for nice bake ware and will share my collection with you one day but to get an idea of what I like I’ll list some below.

Finally I remove the foil and cover the top with the remaining cheese and let it sit in the oven (turned off) for about 10 minutes.

Cheesy One Pot Chicken

Because I’m a cheese fanatic I love this meal.

Cheesy Chicken Bake 004

When adding meals to my menu rotation my goal is to make meals are fairly quick and easy to prepare.

I don’t want to spend to much of my life tied to the kitchen so this meal works wonders for my laid back cooking style.

If you try this recipe don’t be afraid to put your own spin on it. Sometimes I omit the chicken since I’m a vegetarian and I’ll add spinach instead.

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