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Carving Out Time for God

Carving Out Time for God

Carving Out Time for God

This is one of the most important acts of worship I do as a Christ follower.

Carving out time for God is a deliberate act of worship that results in a marked difference in our character and behavior.

Carving out time for God is a deliberate act of worship. CLICK HERE TO TWEET THIS

When I look for successful people I look for several things.

I look to see how they perform under pressure. Do they loose their temper easily or remain composed?

I look at their demeanor for signs of internal peace or turmoil. If you really look you can tell if things are running smoothly for a person internally or not. I often look for welcoming facial expressions and tone.

Do you know that Jesus was always cool, calm and collected?

That’s who I want to be like in all of my dealings with people.

I want to come across as welcoming, relaxed and at ease in any given situation.

Not only do I want to appear that way to others, I truly want to become that from the inside out.

I’ve concluded that Jesus’s ability to do this was directly connected to the time he spent in the presence of God.

That kind of internal peace can only come from deliberate ongoing time spent with God.

The internal peace u need can only come from ongoing time spent w/ God. Click here to Tweet This!!

Now don’t get me wrong…I already spend what I consider to be a lot of time with God. I talk to Him first thing in the morning before reading my Bible and praying with my husband.

I converse with God here and there throughout my day when listening to worship music in the car or just asking for His direction on something.

But right now I sense Him calling to me for more and I know that when He requires more it’s because He’s given and is giving me more.

In response to His call on my life right now I must give Him more of me.

My daily schedule is quite busy. I have a lot of amazing things going on in my life personally and professionally but in the midst of it all I must carve out more time for God.

I’m going to make it real simple so that if you know you are at a point where God is asking you for more, you can duplicate what I’m doing.

In the end, I’m only duplicating the example of Christ Jesus.

I’ve chosen a specific time of day when I will just be still with God. As I said earlier, I do this in the mornings but I also need a time during the day when I cease from my plans to just look in Gods face.

You don’t need a fancy set up but my time will include a lit candle and a cup of tea.

Those two things help me mentally transition from wherever I am mentally to a position of calm and relaxation.

I don’t want to be focused on work or what I have to do for the family. I want the time to be fruitful.

I’m truly looking forward to starting my week with more intentional time with God.

I know He has some amazing things planned.

If you are struggling with focus, organization, or peace of mind I want to pray with you.

The devil is so crafty in his efforts to keep us preoccupied and overwhelmed. He wants us to be too busy for God but I’m here to come along side and pray with you.

You will have peace in your day starting now.

If you want to set aside time to spend alone with God and desire peaceful days despite the things that may be going on around you, leave your name in the comments below.

You are not in your battle alone. You can and you will win with Gods help.

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7 thoughts on “Carving Out Time for God

  1. Jalissa Frazer says:

    Jalissa Frazer – I live in a home full if distractions. Whether its a lot of people..media or just not having a place to be completely alone


  2. Thank you for this post. I had just been telling my husband, I mean this very minute, that I felt antsy, irritated and on edge. Maybe this is His way of letting me know I need more time with Him. Again, thanks for the post. πŸ™‚


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Gina, you’re so welcome. When I get to feeling that way I know it’s usually related to my relationship with the Father. I’m praying for your peace of mind and wholeness of spirit sweet friend.


  3. God bless. I truly apply this to my life. I struggle with this and can’t find how to have more intimacy with God, but He knows I desire it so much. Please help pray for this, so there can be a breakthrough. Thank you.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Temisha, I will. The devil is a liar sweet friend. God draws near to them that draw near to Him. He is so close to you but Satan doesn’t want you to believe it. Continue to press into God though your quiet time with Him, prayer and reading His word.


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