4 Ways to Improve Your Finances

4 Ways to Improve Your Finances

4 Ways to Improve Your Finances

4 Ways to Improve Your Finances

1. Make a decision to trust God completely with your finances.

Until you can trust and do everything His word says about your money, you will most like always struggle with a lack of it.

2. Begin to understand Gods position on money and how we as Christians should relate to it.

The easiest way to figure out what God has to say about our money is by reading the Bible.

I recently narrowed down the 20 verses Christians should know about money and how it relates to every decision we make. Once you understand Gods purpose for currency, you’ll begin to make better choices with it.

3. Look for God to do something supernatural in your finances this year.

If you believe He is still a God of miracles you will operate your life differently than you’ve ever done before.

In 2008, when my husband and felt convicted to become debt free we were behind on bills, barely scraping by as a young family with four children, a mortgage, car notes and credit card debt.

Today we only have our mortgage and we will be debt free within three years.

For us, that’s a miracle.

4. Believe God will meet your needs.

In order for this to work you have to know what your needs truly are. I admonish you to make a list of the basic things you and your family need on a daily basis to survive.

The main things on my list were food, shelter and family. As long as I had those things each day I’d praise God. I stopped focusing on the things and lifestyle I had accumulated. I took my mind off (as much as humanly possible) the debt, lack and late bills.

When we turn our focus on Gods provision, it moves us out of His way to bring us where we need to be.

I struggled with trusting God with my finances for years but am so glad I finally gave it over to Him.

If you find yourself struggling with your finances I’d love to pray with you. Just leave your name and or prayer request in the comments below.

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