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5 Ways to Save on Time and Healthcare Costs for Health Conscious Woman | Health Care Clinic Atlanta


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 Most of us only have a limited amount of time and money to do everything that needs to be done for our selves and our family.

For most of us that time is split between a variety of obligation including family, household, personal issues, bills and others.

In an effort to be a good steward over my time money I always look for way to combine obligations in an effort to save time and money.

It’s similar to what some of you may do with your cable and telephone bill. By combining them you only have one bill to pay plus you save money for having two services with one company.

The same is true when you use Healthcare Clinic Atlanta or any of the clinics located in most major cities around the country.


Here are 5 Way to Save on Time and Healthcare Cost using the Health Clinic.

1. Walgreens has so many great deals each week for everyday household and personal hygiene items. I shop there every week and save 50% or more on items I need for my family. The fact that I can address my healthcare needs and some household shopping in one location will save me time.

2. The Health Clinic is open 7 days a week and weeknights so I don’t have cancel work, school or other obligations to get medical attention.

The hours work well with my schedule.


3. The Walgreens’ Health Clinic is closer to my home than my physicians office so I’ll save travel time as well.

4. I can easily see where it will cost me less for service by using the Walgreens Health Clinic. For example, the Health Clinic charges $15 less for sports physicals than my children’s primary care physician.


5. I also earn Walgreen’s Balance Reward points for prescriptions and immunizations. Those same points can then be used to help pay for the items I buy from Walgreens’ like food, health, beauty products and more.

20140128-110325.jpgTo learn more about the Walgreens Health Clinics in your area connect on Twitter using the hashtag #CollectiveBias #HealthcareClinic.

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  1. I try to get as much done at one time as possible. I hate wasting time or money by not combining trips or making the best use of available options. #client


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