Why Prayer and Bible Reading is So Important


If I don’t tell you anything else I want you to know why prayer and bible reading is so important.

You will not be, feel or get closer to God without spending time reading your Bible and talking to God.

Seriously…it just won’t happen.

God can use a variety of ways to communicate with us because He’s God however, He has given us two undeniable means that will work every single time.

God does not desire that our relationship with Him nor the way in which we communicate with Him to be a mystery.

In fact, He wants it to be so easy a child could do it.

It’s so easy to talk to God and to know His will. Talking to Him is as simple as opening up our mouths.

Knowing His will is right there in the Bible.

That’s why daily consistent time spent talking to God and reading His word is so important.

You all know I’ve written about it time and time again here on the blog.

Whenever I begin to feel anything but peace and closeness with God, it’s directly related to the time I’ve spent (or not spent with him).

So sweet friend if you are experiencing a lack of closeness with God or absence of peace let me admonish you to evaluate your relationship with the Father.

I want to pray for those of you who have been struggling. There are so many things that come into out lives to draw our focus away from God but I am praying He will give you wisdom and a spirit of discernment.

He will teach us to be better stewards of our time and also cultivate in us the discipline to make spending time with Him our top priority.

If you’d like to be added to my prayer list or if you have specific prayer request please let me know below.

I read every comment and pray for you always.

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