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Juicing Recipes | Gala Apple Pick Me Up


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If you have never created your own freshly squeezed juice, you are missing out. I’ve been juicing for going on three years now and love coming up with different juicing recipes.

I usually grab whatever I have on hand and today that happened to be Gala apples, celery and tomato.

The reason I call this a pick-me-up is because of the apples. Apples naturally boost your immune system, aid in digestion and also have a similar wake up effect as coffee.

Apples contain fructose, a simple sugar that is delivered slowly throughout your system. While it won’t give you the instant jolt like coffee is is healthier for you, non addictive and won’t give you the jitters like coffee.

For this recipe I use two stalks of celery, one Gala apple and one Roma tomato.

(I use the Hamilton Beach Health Smart Juice Extractor)



I run everything through the juicer and within five minutes have a delicious cup of juice.


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