How to Mend Your Marriage with Words

Build Your Man Up

Build Your Man Up

Do you find it difficult to find the good in your husband?

Does he no longer resemble that awesome man you once loved so deeply?

I can recall very clearly a time when Germaine and I were drifting apart. Some of it had to do with us being a young family with four children and lots of responsibilities.

However, some of it had to do with us as individuals and how we communicated with one another.

The Bible tells us that “life and death are in the power of the tongue” and what that simply means is that you can you can cause a person to thrive or die with your words.

When I realized the influence my words had over my husband I decided to use them for God and one day sat down and began contemplating how I could build my husband up with my words each day.

Each day I’d make a point to celebrate him in some small way. If I remember correctly, he may have been a little skeptical at first but with time I began to see my words bring a smile to his face.

I began to see him want to be around me more and more. When my words became as sweet as honey rather than as sharp as daggers, he began to become the man I’d fallen in love with.

In fact, I’d say that I was becoming the women he’d fallen in love with.

It’s so easy to become cynical, condescending and critical in marriage but that’s not the way God intends for His sons and daughters to live.

He gave a perfect example of oneness in Him, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Instead of being at odds with your husband why don’t you make a choice.

Choose to build him up.

Choose to be Godly in what you say and do for him. It’s hard, especially if your heart is growing colder toward him, but I can testify that God can take a broken and bitter heart and make it love again.

What was it that stood out or attracted you to your husband when you were dating?

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