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The Importance of Appreciating Your Husband

Man of Your Dreams

Man of Your Dreams

My husband Germaine means the world too me and I try to remind him of that in some small way each day.

Marriage is a ministry for us.

It’s the frontline of our faith and where we truly are able to demonstrate our Christ-likeness to one another.

It’s the second most important relationship we cultivate each day.

To ensure we are strengthening our marriage we actively seek out opportunities to show one another how much they are appreciated.

Do you make a conscience decision to show your husband he’s appreciated?

We do this because we know how easily showing appreciation can fall by the wayside.

Busyness can easily creep in on top of that demands from the outside world and easily rob you of the opportunity to appreciate one another.

Showing Germaine appreciation isn’t always elaborate. It’s as simple as saying, “thank you for for being an awesome husband“.

This is good enough for him because I show him how awesome I think he is in my daily interaction with him.

I’m attentive to him, interested in the things that concern him, I encourage and not discourage him so he knows I mean if when I tell him how amazing he is.

I know exactly what it takes to let my husband know he’s appreciated because I’ve taken the time to truly get to know him.

That’s not to say that I never get absorbed with “responsibilities” and forget to show appreciation. What I am saying is that I appreciate him through my actions often enough that he doesn’t get bent out of shape if I forget for a few days.

Your marriage is like a building made of bricks, showing appreciation is one of those bricks.

It’s a necessary element for the structure of any strong marriage. If you want a marriage the devil is no match for begin to study your husband. Learn what makes him feel appreciated and begin doing them.

I truly believe you should know more about what makes your husband feel appreciated than what makes you feel appreciated. (and vice versa)

Christian marriage is about service. When you begin to give of yourself to your husband like Christ gave himself for us, you open up the door for an amazing marriage.

What’s the last thing you did to let your husband know how much you appreciate him?

Big or small it doesn’t matter.

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