7 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Marriage During Hard Times

7 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Marriage During Hard Times

7 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Marriage During Hard Times

1. Keep an ongoing list in a journal of what you love about your husband.

This will help when your marriage is going through a rough patch and even if you both have a disagreement.

The list of things you love about him will help you take your focus off a hopefully temporary situation and help you focus on why you love him.

Bad Marriage Day

2. Step back a minute and think through the situation.

Ask yourself, is this worth fighting for or being upset about. Next pray and ask God to change your angry feelings about the situation.

3. Pray for God to lead your husbands heart and for you to accept that your husband is not yours to change.

He’s Gods!! No amount of nagging, obsessing and or angry words will bring about the kind of change God wants to see in your husband.

4. Love your man through it and face the problems together with God on your side.

It’s easy to see your husband as the enemy when your marriage is struggling. In fact, that’s exactly how Satan wants you thinking. Biblical love is a choice.

You have to choose to show and be the kind of love found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-13. It’s doesn’t just happen automatically.

Build Your Man Up

5. Take a break and date your husband.

When things get tense with my husband and we make plans to drop everything and spend some time away from the house together. Even if it’s just to drive to some of our favorite places in town or grab dessert.

6. Take a trip down memory lane.

I remember when things got rough for us and I was feeling terrible about myself, where I was in life and our marriage. My husband packed me and the kids up and drove around town for an hour.

I didn’t realize it until we were half way through the ride, but he had driven past all of the locations that held significance in our marriage.

Where we met, our old church, our first apartment, where we got married, etc. He reminded me how far we’d come together and it restored my strength to fight for our marriage.


You have to be willing to forgive even when your husband doesn’t deserve it. That’s the power that comes from being a child of the most high King!!

He will give you the strength to forgive when you have a right to hold a grudge.

When your husband sees that kind of mercy, he will also be able to experience the unconditional love of Christ through you.

Depending on where you are in your relationship with Christ, some of these may seem impossible to do. There was a time when they seemed impossible to me, but God has been faithful to me every step of the way in my marriage.

As I began to trust that He wanted what’s best for me, trusting His word in relation to my marriage became easier and easier.

Marriage between a man and woman is God’s idea. It’s his blueprint for the family and He wants your’s to be successful.

Your marriage may seem hard right now, but I promise it doesn’t have to remain that way.

God is more than able to restore the love you once had and make today’s struggles a distant memory.

If your marriage is in a rough spot right begin by repenting of anything you’ve done to contribute to the current situation.

Next, begin reading something from the Bible everyday regarding character and marriage. Examine yourself to see if you are conducting yourself within your marriage in a way that pleases God.

Continue reading and praying for Gods divine help so that you can be more like Him in your marriage.

I’d love to join you in praying for your marriage to be healed and whole. If you have a prayer need or even praise for what God has done in your marriage, please let me know in the comments below.

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