Your Encouragement May Be What He Needs

Your Encouragement May Be What He Needs

Your Encouragement May Be What He Needs

I truly believe that we are either building our husbands up or tearing them down.

Encouraging or discouraging.

Tearing them down can come in the form of a snide remark and building them up can be something as simple as saying, “I trust you” when there’s a decision to be made.

It’s important for me to encourage my husband. It helps build his character, his faith and his confidence.

Now please don’t get it twistedGermaine was going to be a great guy with or without me as long as he had Christ in his life. This I know, but he’s an amazing husband, father, and friend because of what I add to his life through encouragement.

Because I encourage him he can trust me with anything from his money, to our children, to his heart.

Because I encourage him, I‘m his second most valuable source of advice.

He trusts me with his heart because he knows I will always protect it and never hurt it.

Mine is the second loudest voice he hears cheering him on in life.

I’m his second biggest cheerleader and it’s a role I cherish. The influence of a wife can be used for good or evil. I choose to use mine for good.

Your encouragement may be just what he needs!!

Are you withholding encouragement from your husband out of bitterness or resentment? It’s time to stop. You’re only killing your marriage and hurting everyone involved.

Withholding encouragement from your husband is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Decide right now if your marriage is worth fighting for and fight for it, not against it.

I don’t have the perfect marriage. Nor am I a perfect wife, but I know a God who has been able to take imperfect people and use their marriage to inspire others.

I’d love to pray for you, answer questions or just be a listening friend.

If you feel comfortable, leave your prayer request, question or comment below.

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