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4 Things We Must Do to Put God Ahead of Everything in Our Lives

4 Things We Must Do to Put God Ahead of Everything in Our Lives

Where does God fall in the grand scheme of things?

Is He at the top of your priority list or does He fall somewhere in the middle?

If we’re really honest, God sometimes ends up at the very bottom of our priority list.

Why is that and what can we do to prevent this from happening?

“And He is before all things…” Colossians 1:17

Putting God ahead of everything in our lives takes work, but it’s not difficult.

In fact, it becomes easier the more consistent we are in working at it.

It’s when we start letting other priorities become more important than God that it gets harder to give Him the top spot in our lives.

“And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence”.

(Colossians 1:17, 18 KJV)

So how do I make sure I’m putting God before all things in my life?

1. I talk to God.

I do this first thing in the morning.

It can sometimes be a struggle, especially when I‘m abruptly awakened from my sleep by the sound of my kids horsing around or bickering.

Sometimes I end up talking to them first thing in the morning.

It’s natural for early morning parental responsibilities to fight for precedence in my day, but even in those cases I’ve been praying for more discipline.

I’ve asked God to help me to take a second and talk to Him before going upstairs to shush the kids.

Does it make me a bad Christian if I shush the kids first then talk to God?

No. Putting God ahead of every in our lives is not a literal list where He has to be the very first thing that gets your attention each day.

It’s more of a figurative act of worship.

It’s a posture where our hearts are bent toward connecting with Him first above all else.

When God is the source of everything in your life, connecting with Him becomes what you do.  (TWEET THIS)

2. I read my Bible.

I read His word as early in the day as possible.

First thing in the morning works for me.

Right after I talk to God, I read a few verses up to about two chapters of my Bible. I use the YouVersion Bible app which makes it easier to read it right from my phone.

I read my Bible just about every morning, however there are two or three mornings every month where my day doesn’t start as normal and I don’t get to it.

I don’t beat myself up about it because the act of reading my Bible is not about just crossing a task off my to-do list.

It’s about worshiping God by purposely making time in my day for Him.

On the mornings I don’t read my Bible I am absolutely aware of it. When you do it so often it’s like skipping a meal, but you won’t die from one skipped meal. Just as your body can survive your spirit will too.

Until I get a chance to read I meditate on the word I already know or read my Bible later in the day.

3. I seek His guidance and direction throughout my day.

This is one of the hardest for me, but one that truly enriches my life a million times over.

Years ago I got into the habit of consulting with God for just about everything in my day no matter how insignificant.

I’d ask God to help me make decisions on issues as insignificant as what I’d cook for dinner and as important as which bills we should pay with our limited funds while trying to dig ourselves out of debt.

I sought God on everything but when life gets busy, it’s harder to do it without intentional effort.

This area is one that I need to be more purposeful about because I am in a busy season of life.

Busy seasons remind me all the more to consult God regularly. To me it somehow seems to slow down the pace and takes the burden that comes with significant decisions off my shoulders.

Seeking God’s guidance on insignificant things has trained me to seek it on all things in my life. (TWEET THIS)

For this reason I’m rarely worried about big decisions that have to be made because God has already proven to me that His guidance and direction can be trusted.

4. I make everything thing I do throughout my day an act of worship.

This is another challenging one, but very rewarding.

There are so many different activities that each of us engages in throughout the day.

Whether cooking dinner or commuting to work we should look for purpose and ways to worship God in every act.

The way this looks in my day is me asking God to get the glory out of whatever it is I’m doing.

For instance, I go to the gym out of obedience to God. I’m not certain, but I’m sure my husband had asked God to soften my heart toward his request for me to start exercising. It only took five years for me to be committed, but the idea is that I no longer look at it as something my husband nagged me about.

I look at it as a way to worship God by doing something to please my husband.

God has connected me with some really amazing people as a result. I know for certain that God has been glorified in those connections.

Whether it’s something I want to do throughout my day or something I’m compelled to do, my goal is to focus on how God can be glorified in it.

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All four of these challenges are not ones that will happen overnight. With each new day I’m having to bring myself under subjection to them.

My carnal nature fights me tooth and nail because it doesn’t want to change, but Gods Spirit in me is much more powerful.

The hardest part is making the decision to put God ahead of everything in our lives.

It’s a decision I have to commit to all over again everyday, but once I make it and begin doing the four things I shared I absolutely know that I am where God wants me to be.

I know it because my day becomes saturated with Him.

When I put Him ahead of everything in my life I truly see Him orchestrating my day and that provides me the confidence I need to face anything that comes my way.

It’s way too easy to slip back into old habits of making God an afterthought.

I too am guilty of this time and time again, but the beauty of God is that He knows our struggle.

Not only does He know it, but He’s waiting to help us get out of it.

One thing I know for sure is that God is concerned about us. He cares about what’s going on it our day and He wants to help us through it.

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Has God drifted to the bottom of your priority list?

Are you ready to move Him back to the top?

If so, I’d love to pray with you today and on going. If you have a specific need in this area or just want to be added to my prayer list, leave your name in the comments below and we can pray over it.

Father, I am so glad to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that You are concerned about us.

Whether our days are spent changing diapers, preparing for meetings or caring for a sick spouse, You are concerned.

Thank you for providing us a way to get and keep our lives on track with You.

Help us regain focus and better prioritize our energy.

Give us clarity of thought and the wisdom to walk in Your purpose for our lives.

In your mighty name I pray, Amen.

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14 thoughts on “4 Things We Must Do to Put God Ahead of Everything in Our Lives

  1. Darryl Cumbie says:

    I had a proverbs wife but I fell! Down on my duties and didn’t put god first please pray God will restore our family soon his will is for us to be together 29 years is to long to walk away


  2. Paul said in Philippians 3:10-11 that his purpose was to get to know God better. I feel that too. So if, like Paul, I make the whole purpose of everything I’m doing ABOUT GOD, then we will never forget Him 😉


  3. Please pray for my husband and I that we remember to pray together at the start of our days even though they are different ( day and nite ) we have noticed a huge difference when we forget . Ok pray we have the discipline to seek him first in everything we do and seek him together as well.


  4. Pray for me as I work to put God first in my life! Pray that I commit to this daily and I glorify Him in everything I do. Help me to plant seeds for His kingdom!


    A Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Callie, Praying with you sweet friend.


  5. Lord i am thankful for all your blessings i just want to keep following your guideing lite and wash me clean and fill me with your fruitful spirit AMEN


    A Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @lupe, Amen!!


  6. susanmarie says:

    I struggle with reading my bible. Please pray for me. Thanks


  7. Please add my name as well as my husbands name (bilal) to your list.. And we will in turn pray for you!


  8. elisha heffner says:

    Hello I love reading your posts. I am so guilty of putting God last and I am trying so hard to change that. I lead a very stressful tiring life with five special needs kiddos and get so wrapped up in all the stress that I fail to put God first. Please pray for me


  9. Donna Whatley says:

    I want to put God fis in my life. I struggle to do it. Please pray that I will do so and REALLY seek Him.


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