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What Has You So Angry and Irritated?

What Has You So Angry And Irritated

What Has You So Angry And IrritatedThis month I am working through the Her Pleasant Words 4-week devotional with twenty three amazing women.

Her Pleasant Words Devotional

We are now moving into week two and evaluating things that trigger agitation and bad attitudes in our marriage and parenting. One of my triggers is lack of rest and because I like ‘doing stuff’ I can easily get caught up in busy work.

When I’m not intentional about my tasks I can get sucked in to ‘doing stuff’ to make myself feel like I’ve accomplished something productive.

The truth of the matter is that napping and resting is also productive. For me, naps and resting can be hard. My mind is often going a million miles a minute and if I don’t get enough sleep I can become overwhelmed and agitated.

I’m normally good about planning rest and getting sufficient sleep, but we’ve recently had a change in our regular schedule. The change has resulted in me staying up way too late and waking up way to early. Instead of compensating for the lost sleep with naps, I have been running on low energy which makes me cranky.

I’d been going like this for two weeks until I started the devotional and was forced to address my trigger.

Do you guys see how busyness can blind us from the most simple solutions to problems? I’d been being really grumpy to my husband that last two weeks during our schedule change and he did not deserve. In fact, I don’t even want to be grumpy to him. He’s the last person I want to be grumpy with.

On Thursday after working through page eight in the devotional, I planned a nap for Friday. That nap was one of the best decisions I’d made all week. I felt well rested and that happy disposition trickled over into Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It’s amazing what a little sleep can do for your attitude, but something so simple can be neglected when we let busyness in whatever form it may take, distract us from what we need.

Have you ever taken the time to figure out why you are often agitated and irritable toward your spouse and or children? If you have and you know what your triggers are, what are you doing about them?

Becoming a wife and mother who speaks pleasant words to her family will not happen without you taking some intentional steps to make it a reality.

It didn’t take you a day to develop your current communication style so it probably won’t take a day to change it.

The goal is the stay the course, do the work, and let Gods grace have its way in your life.

The only one who can bring your words and character under subjection is you through the power of God.

What triggers you to lash out at your family? What are you doing to change that behavior?


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