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How I Do My Bible Study (Vlog)

How I Do My Bible Study

How I Do My Bible StudyI just uploaded a new video on How I Do My Bible Study. We all may have different techniques, but I wanted to share an example of what works for me.

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2 thoughts on “How I Do My Bible Study (Vlog)

  1. What an awesome video! I think it is my favorite so far! I would like to see a follow up video. The questions I have are: do you have separate bible study/devotional time with your hubby or kids, what are the other two sections in your notebook for, do you practice memorizing scripture, how do you meditate on scripture, do you practice confessing scripture out loud… I’d also love for you to share your “salvation story” of how you came to know Christ. I’m looking forward to seeing more videos like this! Great job!


    A Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Hi @Kina, so many great questions 🙂 I have added them to my video ideas list and will answer these questions in a future video.


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