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How to Get God Focused for Better Mothering

How to Get God Focused for Better Mothering

How to Get God Focused for Better MotheringIt takes a lot to ruffle my feathers when it comes to speaking the word of God. I pretty much tell it like the Bible says it and allow the hearer to sort it out.

I feel like one on one conversations about faith are easier to deliver than to larger groups since you have some many backgrounds, beliefs and past/present issues in the mix. I had started worrying myself about how my Mothers Day message at church would be received, so much so that I could not produce a complete message. I had four partial messages and was a tiny bit concerned that God would wait until Saturday to speak to my heart on what to say.

I was prepared to wait, but was nervous about not having time to prepare. I’d decided to quit trying to write something and left it in Gods hands.

It wasn’t until this morning that God gave me a complete message on how to parent our children from a God focused perspective. I had what I felt was a bad parenting day yesterday, but it was just what was supposed to happen to produce this Mothers Day message.


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