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Mighty Women of the Bible You Should Know About

Mighty Women of the Bible You Should Know About

Mighty Women of the Bible You Should Know AboutThere are so many women that have been put on a platform in this generation. Women who I have no desire to model myself after, but sometimes find myself mimicking. Deep down inside, we’ve all been enamored by some type of characteristics — big or small— that may have not been God honoring. Whether fashion wise, dance moves, phrases, etc.

As a women of God, I want to model myself after women who are desperately seeking to be more like the Father. Women who love God with their whole heart and live that out in their daily lives. I have friends who fit the bill, and for that I am so grateful. These women make me better as a Christian, wife and mother, however I also look to women of the Bible who came before us.

Women who were leaders, brave, faithful and revered. While my site is closely themed around the qualities found in Proverbs 31, there are several other women of the Bible we can look to as role models as well.

I’ll  introduce you to two of them in today’s video. You may already know them. This may be your first time hearing about them, but like me, I hope you will take the best of what you see in them and use it to become the women God wants you to be.

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