Our Rules for Chores and How the Kids Earn “Electronics Time”

Bible Copywork - Kids Rules

I know some of you may not have rules for your kids and some may have rules that are different from mine. Every parent has the right to determine what they will and will not allow in their homes.
AProverbsWife.comAs parents I think Germaine and I are pretty laid back when it comes to rules. The purpose of them are to encourage  responsibility.
One of our rules is responsibility for personal areas.


Our children know that their bedrooms and bathroom are on loan to them. They are on what I would call an 18 to 22 year leasing agreement, and part of that agreement requires cleaning their areas. I do help them from time to time since their level of cleanliness is not as developed as mine, but for the most part it’s their job. Once a week they must change their bed linen, and clean their bathroom. They must also keep their floors and furniture surfaces relatively clear. They rarely do each of these things consistently every week, but it’s the standard.

When a chore isn’t complete they are given another chore in addition to completing the undone chore. I usually give them a chore they hate. They hate yard work especially now that it’s getting hotter, so edging, weeding, mowing and raking are high on my list of extra chores right now.

Another rule in our home is no cellphone or handheld gaming devices are allowed in their bedroom overnight.

Most of these devices allow them to communicate with people outside of our home or to be on the web neither of which I want them doing after bedtime. Before bed they are to put all devices in the drawer or they run the risk of loosing the device for 24 hours.

The same goes with our laptops. We have several laptops and tablets which they will leave on their bedroom floor overnight. That too will cause the device to be confiscated for up to a week.

It’s too easy for them to step on it on the way to the restroom in the middle of the night.

One more area I want to share which I also shared on my Instagram feed was how my children earn “Electronics Time”.

That’s right…EARN.

Time online playing games, reading, listening to music or just surfing the web has to be earned.

My method is pretty simple. To earn one hour using and electronic device for leisure activities they have to submit one notebook page of Bible copy work.
Bible Copywork - Kids RulesThey can submit up to three pages per day which equals three hours to play Xbox, use their cell phones or a computer.

Once those three hours are up they can talk to me if they want more time. My son can easily use two hours reading a book online in the morning, and an hour playing Xbox in the afternoon. If he wants to submit another page to earn an hour to read online in the evening that’s fine.

Why the three page limit?

I set a three page limit because I don’t want them playing video games, surfing be web or being on social sites for more than three hours a day.

If they want to use an electronic device for more than three hours I want to know what they are doing.

I am their mother. I buy the devices. I pay the bills. I make the rules. Point. Blank. Period.

I don’t have to explain to my kids the logic behind my decisions, but I do when appropriate.

I do that to give them the opportunity to develop their ability to reason. I do that so long as they respect and honor my parenting decisions whether they agree or not.

I can tell depended on their ages and the topic that they don’t always comprehend, but they are learning to submit to authority even when they don’t agree. They see me do that in my relationship with their father and I think that makes it easier for them to mimic. That’s what disciples do.

My goal as a parent is to raise my kids with hearts want toward fellowship with Christ. In setting rules and consequences that teach lessons rather than inflict physical punishment I am hopefully training them to understand how our obedience or disobedience toward God works.

My kids who are still living at home are 11, 13 and 14 whom I believe are too old for spankings unless they are outright rebellious.

I don’t see that in my children so our discipline works pretty much like I explained. Not doing their work results in more work. Indulging in activities that have no eternal benefit have to be earned by time spent in Gods word.

It’s simple for them to understand and it works for us. We love our kids to death, but we also know they won’t be with us forever. We have a limited number of days in which to impart some very fundamental principles that will carry them throughout their lives. We don’t take parenting lightly.

Our children have been gifted to us by God and we have a responsibility to put everything in place to help them become Kingdom disciples as adults.

Did this post bless you at all? If so, leave me a comment below no tell me about your parenting struggles or victories.

If you would like to receive prayer, please leave a comment below and we will pray over it. Also, please share your experiences or comments because we are all women of prayer and can encourage one another.

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