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How Daily Planning Can Make You Better Wife and Mother

Why Use a Daily Planner

Why Use a Daily Planner

I’ve been a planner ever since I became a stay at home wife and mom back in 2008. My Daily Planner has changed over the years as my family dynamic has changed, but the purpose of it has always been the same. The goal of my planner is to get everyone in our home on the same page.

My planner not just for me, but for my husband and kids as well. Having a central location where everyone can see the plans for the day helps me be a better mother and wife. Having my planner out in the open keeps me from having to repeat information over and over again. Repeating myself is one of my anger triggers. Anger triggers are those things that make you frustrated and can possibly lead to communicating with your family in anger. I will write more about identifying anger triggers and how to master them, but for now, I’ll share how I master this trigger using my Daily Planner.


When it comes to managing my household it’s most effective to have everyone’s schedule on one page. It only takes 24 hours to create an organized system for your household. The printable worksheets help simplify your daily activities by focusing on specific tasks and help you become intentional about delegating task to others without feeling guilty.

Once you are comfortable with managing your entire families schedule on one sheet, using your Daily Planner is next. On the right side of my daily planner there are four areas to track your top priorities. I use mine to manage home, work, kids, and me (personal), but you can assign yours the way you like. One ideas would be to devote a quadrant to each family member.

Daily Planner Tips

The purpose of my four quadrants is so my planner answers questions my family tends to ask or things they say over and over again such as:

      1. What are we eating?

      2. What are my chores?

      3. What can we have for snack?

      4. Can we go outside?

      5. Can we play the game?

      6. What time is the kids bedtime?

      7. Oh…I didn’t know it was my bedtime.

      8. When do we get allowance?

      9. When are we eating?

      10. What do you need me to do?

Each day my goal is to answer as many of those questions when filling in my planner so all I have to do is say, “look at today’s planner”.

Daily Planner Sheet PrintableIt is so much easier having the vision for our day written out for the entire family to see. It greatly reduces the number of questions I have to answer which can sometimes be a distraction especially if I am busy.


I get frustrated when I’m bombard all day with questions about basic household tasks, so instead of carrying the burden, I’ve partially delegated the job to my daily planner. It takes some of the work off my shoulders and allows my family to take responsibility in the management of our home.

When I am not stressed, I’m a better wife and mother. Taking a few quiet moments each morning to fill it out the days sheet is so worth it.

Those quiet, intentional moments let me really seek God on how to order my day and know what’s important in the running of our home and what isn’t.Daily Planner Pages

Having a planner is such a blessing and help. If you’re struggling in this area, I highly recommend you download these worksheets today and begin the process of becoming a more organized home manager. Then grab the Daily Planner printable and begin ordering your days to be more productive and unified.


How to Thrive Not Just Survive Life

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