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Goals, Planning, Bible Study and Journaling Challenges

Goals, Planning, Bible Study and Journaling Challenges

Planning Hey ladies, I am going to hit the ground running in January with lot’s of planning, bible study and weekly goals videos.

My plan is to help you on a daily and weekly basis get motivated, inspired, encourage and intentional about getting our lives in order.

I’m going to share a ton of Bible reading, Bible journaling, goal setting and planning challenges starting in 2016.

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A lot of content is going to be coming through to help you guys reach your goals for your family and your personal lives in 2016.

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Today I’m going to share my goals from last week which I did not get to share because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but before I share that with you want to remind you to go ahead and download or December Bible reading plan. We’ll be using it as our journal prompts next month.

In January we will be using the Bible verse prompts from Remove From Me This Venomous Tongue so if you do not have that you want to go ahead and download that now. There are over 30 versus in there, pertaining specifically to how we communicate. We will be journaling those throughout the month of January.

I’ve already uploaded several videos regarding planning and also Bible journaling to my YouTube channel if you have not seen those you want to go over and watch those videos this week I promise you they will give you some encouragement and inspiration.

Finally as promised, I want to share my goals from last week and then later, I’ll come back, give you an update of what I accomplished, and share what I’m planning this week.

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Let me know down in the comments what you guys have going on this week.

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