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How I Journal Through the Bible

How I Journal Through The Bible

How I Journal Through The Bible

One of the most beneficial times of my day is the time I spend journaling through the Bible.

I have never spent time journaling through the Bible and not walked away changed in some way for the better.

As part of my weekly goals, I’ve committed to journaling through the Bible five days a week. Last week I only completed three days, but this week I am making some changes which I’ll share with you next week, that will help me complete my five days.

Just so you understand what I mean by journaling though the Bible, I’ve put together this guide and video.

How I Journal Through The Bible


  • Time to ponder

As I read through the verses, I’m really taking my time making sure I understand the meaning and context of the words.

  • Meditate

I’m also stopping along the way to make bullet marks where I want to go back and give more thought to key verses that stand out for me.

  • Grasp

Once I read the entire chapter and make bullet marks on key verses, I go back and really dissect those verses for understanding and practical application.

Bible Journaling 1 Peter 2

2. Find the Theme

  • Take notes/Journal verses

Using the points that I spent extra time on, I begin writing them in my own words. I may write what they mean to me, how they impacted me or what I plan to do as a result.

  • Write your action step

Your action step will be on thing you will do to either use the overall theme to help someone or change your life for the better.

3. Highlight Verses 

This is an optional step only because it takes just as much time to complete as the Bible journaling. I use a color coded key to highlight my way through the Bible which I talk about in the video. When I have the time, I complete the process at this point.

4. Write your prayer

Now it’s time to pray over what has been revealed to you in your time in God’s word. Pray for the words to take hold of your life and make you more like Christ.

Bible Journaling 1 Peter 2 For my visual friends, I’ve created a video showing you an example of how I journal through the Bible using my notes as an illustration.

How I Journal Through The Bible

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