Raising Kids Who Give, Save and Spend Wisely


Every Saturday is payday for my kids. They earn a small commission for jobs they have around the house and divide their earnings between tithe, savings and spending.


My oldest son is turning 16 and will take over managing his bank account online soon. To help him get comfortable with online money management, I set him up with a Sow account via isow.com. What I love about Sow is that their mission is in line with what I teach my kids about managing money.

Sow refers to it’s youth as sowers, which I just love. As sowers, young people (or adults) are able to “save with meaning and spend with purpose”.

Sow provides three areas for sowers like my son to designate their money. They are savings, sharing, and spending.

After setting up an Sow account, my son created goals for his 3 Sow categories.

These digital categories mimic the categories he’s used to saving for already. The only difference is he can now manage them online.

Now, when he’s paid or gets birthday or holiday money, he can allocate it to his various Sow categories.

Having this account makes it easier for family and friends to get involved with helping him reach his goals. They can log into his profile using his special link, and give him money.

When they view his profile they can see exactly how he plans to allocate his money.

Current Sow goals:

1. Saving: First car

2. Sharing: Red Cross

3. Spending:

Well-meaning people love to give gifts, but may not be sure what to give. On the other hand, some parents prefer to curtail physical gifts in lieu of helping children reach monetary goals. I believe the goals they reach will have a far greater impact than a toy or digital device.

“Sow transforms birthdays and holidays to be about goals instead of goods, goods, and more goods”.

My son is saving for his first car which is a big deal to him. Our family can see that and help him get there.

While another pair of headphones would be great, he doesn’t need another pair. Almost everyone remembers their first car, but the 13th pair of headphones they got for Christmas, not so much.Saidah Washington Sow

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tanya Van Court, the brainchild behind Sow. She passionately shared her story with me, and the “why” behind creating Sow. You can read the article on Fast Company.com.

Right now you can set up your Free Sow account for yourself or your kids here.

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