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How to Help Your Husband Be A Great Leader

Husband, Ephesians 5, Manhood, Leader, Marriage, Biblical Marriage

Husband, Ephesians 5, Manhood, Leader, Marriage, Biblical Marriage

Sometimes we have to let go and let God especially when it comes to our husband’s. When we allow God to work on our men, He is able to transform their heart and renew their minds better than nagging could ever do.

Put your trust in God and believe that He is able to make your husband the man He so desires.

The best way to help your man mature into the man that God desires os to do the following.




How to Help Your Husband Be  A Great Leader


1. Pray for you husband every day especially about biblical character traits you’d like to see improve.


2. Encourage him daily. Instead of focusing on faults. Ask Father God to give you new eyes so that you can see your husband as He sees Him. Ask Him to help you to praise and reverence your man. You can get a lot of guidance on how to do that here.


3. Learn to be content with who your husband is and the marriage you have. We can’t covet what others have. We can’t look at where someone else’s marriage is and become bitter if we haven’t done to work they’ve done to get there. If we are this type of wife, then we can’t expect to have an outstanding marriage.

What is your biggest struggle/fear in letting your husband lead?

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2 thoughts on “How to Help Your Husband Be A Great Leader

  1. I don’t have a problem with letting my husband lead. I feel that he doesn’t accept responsibility and/or take the blame for the mistakes he makes. Instead he brings something I said or done as if its justification for what he did.
    I told him this a few times how I felt. I’m just praying for God and the Holy Spirit to work with him on that.


    Beth Reply:

    My marriage is upside down right now but what God keeps putting on my heart is “Stop pointing fingers, it’s not your battle. Let me handle him. Take a look in the mirror and see what you’re doing wrong and how you can improve yourself.” Hope this helps. Blessings!!


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