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Craving Balance: 6 Practical Solutions for Women Balancing it All

Craving Balance: 6 Practical Solutions for Women Balancing it All

Craving Balance: 6 Practical Solutions for Women Balancing it All is designed to help you create a plan of devoting your time to the things that make you a happier women. The tips will help you begin the process of mapping out days that will cultivate peace and joy in your life.

Craving Balance: 6 Practical Solutions for Women Balancing it All

Do you crave balance? I certainly do. I love having a sense of order to my days. I love knowing how much work time versus free time I’ll have. I love knowing that I’ve made time to meet my spiritual, mental, physical and emotional needs each day.

Being a wife, mom and entrepreneur has never deterred me from making  balance a priority. In fact, having the responsiblity of so many important things is what inspires me to fight for balance.

Is it sometimes a struggle? Absolutely, but it’s worth the peace of mind that comes from having a sense of order to my days.

So what does cultivating a balanced life look like in practical terms?

I’m going to walk you through how I cultivate balance in practical terms.

1. I use my Home Making Binder and Work planner to organize out as much of my month, weeks and days as possible.

Daily Planner PagesAt the beginning of the month I sit down with a calendar and write in events, blog projects, home projects, appointments, and bills due.

Every week I use my weekly planner sheets to migrate events from my monthly calendar into my weekly. My weekly planner gives me a birds eye view of where my time will be delegated throughout the week.

After I’ve migrated important events from my calendar for the current week I flip over to the current day planner.

This is where I write specifics and get to drill time my day by times and tasks.

My daily planner sheet allows me to write down which homemaking tasks I’ll focus on for the day as well as what I’m going to do to grow mentally, spiritually and physically. At the bottom of the sheet I have a place to brainstorm our menu as well.

Lastly, I use one area of my sheet to make a to-do list for my kids. I often forget what they need to tackle for the day so I write it down in the morning and meet with them after school to discuss tasks.

I keep my Home making and work binders nearby throughout the day and refer to them to stay on task.

2. Exercising is the second thing that keeps me balanced. Part of the reason I exercise is to look great, but the other part is how it makes me feel. When I don’t exercise I’m sluggish, tired and sometimes grumpy.

There are mental, emotional and physical benefits to exercise I won’t talk about right now, but I see a marked difference in my energy levels and mental state when I make exercise a priority. One thing I love about the way my daily planner page is set up, is theres a space for “personal”. I added this space to ensure I don’t neglect myself daily. This space isn’t about “me time”, but it is. It’s about making self care a priority in a way that honors God. In that space I write down what I’m going to work on at the gym and track how often I actually go to the gym.

3. Eating well is another way I maintain balance. I’m notorious for skipping meals and living off of coffee. I still struggle in this area. I notice when I don’t eat I’m physically weaker although I feel mentally more alert because of the caffiene.

I also notice when I eat a healthy meals throughout the day I’m physically energized and mentally calmer. Caffeine while it gives me the quick boost of energy I want to get my day started it leaves me feeling irritable from the fast caffeine crash. Planning meals is a lot harder than submitting meals with coffee, but the benefits of healthy food outweigh the benefits of skipping meals.

4. Getting dressed

I did a Frumpy to Fab challenge on my Youtube channel years ago and it stuck with me. There’s something about getting dressed in something nice even when I’m at home most of the day that awakens my spirit. To catch a glance at myself in the mirror and see that I’ve taken time to style my hair, put on a little makeup and get dressed reminds me that taking time for me matters as much as taking time to care for my family and home.Saidah Washington

Getting dressed forces me to take a little time from my day and invest it in me. Not just me really, because my husband and children like when I get dressed in something other than my bathrobe and pajamas.

5. Bible, Devotions , Prayer & Quiet Time are the most important things I do to maintain balance even thought it’s way down on the list. One or all of the things are among the first things I do when I wake up. Taking time future my relationship with God helps to keep in balance the things I can’t control.

How I Do My Bible StudyNo amount of planning, exercise or healthy eating is going to keep my soul in alignment with Gods will. When my spirit is separated from God through lack of worship and time with Him it shows up in my life in a very real way.

Taking time to talk with Father God, pray, worship Him and study His word is what leads me to knowing how important all of these previous steps are.

6. Family Time for me is that time when I get to experience the fruit of my labor and see how wise God was in knitting us together as a family. I get to talk and listen to my husband and kids. Family time is our time to reconnect or deepen our connection.

We usually get these moments on the weekend when school and work is done. Ending my week surrounded by family has been a catalyst is setting the tone for the week.

These are the practical ways I maintain balance in my life. How can I help you cultivate a more balanced life? What is your biggest struggle with finding balance and managing your time each day?


I will create another post in this series next Monday called Guide to Creating Your Balanced Daily Plan where I help you map out your daily schedule. Make sure you’re subscribed to my email newsletter and you’ll get the next post in this series delivered to you.


If you would like to receive prayer, please leave a comment below and we will pray over it. Also, please share your experiences or comments because we are all women of prayer and can encourage one another.

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