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How to Change Your Words and Change Your Home

How to Change Your Words and Change Your Home

How to Change Your Words and Change Your Home

You yearn to be the best Christian, wife and mom you can, but deep down you have a secret only your family knows about. You loose it from time to time. More often than you would like. I know the feeling because I’ve been where you are and I created ‘Her Pleasant Words‘ specifically for you. 

Her Pleasant Words Devotional

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In the early years of marriage, I struggled with communicating in a way that built my family up verses tearing them down. I used a lot of hurtful words and tone versus pleasant words.

Her Pleasant Words‘ is a devotional ebook where I share my story and guide you on a 4-week journey to changing the way you use words. 


Who is this book for?

  • Women who struggle with a destructive communication style.

  • Women who want to get to the root of their anger.

  • Women who want to create practical and intentional actions to become more Christ-like in their communication.

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Why this book will help?

  • Throughout the devotional, we will see what the Bible says about our communication style.

  • We will pray together, as individuals and hopefully with our husbands as we work on becoming more like Christ in this area.

  • It will help us zero in on the topics and situations that trigger our anger and implement strategies to address them.

While working through Her Pleasant Words, you will sense that I am right there with you, praying with you and encouraging you because I am. I am only an email or blog comment away. 

After you’ve downloaded your copy of  ‘Her Pleasant Words‘ email me if you want me pray specifically for you in the next four weeks.

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