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10 Secrets To Being a Content Woman

10 Secrets for Being a Content Woman

10 Secrets for Being a Content Woman

I don’t sit here writing this list to mislead you into believing I’m always content. We all face struggles and have to decide how we are to handle them. We all get frustrated and suffer from disappointments in life, and relationships. This list is a gentle reminder for us to set a watch over our thoughts and feelings. It’s a reminder of how we can go about dealing with life’s challenges and not allowing them to steal our joy.

10 Secrets To Being a Content Woman

1. Don’t complain to others or about things. Complaining is a slippery slope that opens the door for Satan. Once you begin grumbling about things, next you’ll be grumbling about the Giver of all things. Use your energy to seek out the joy in all things. Take your concerns to God because He is the only one with the power to help you.

2. Don’t look at what other people have or what they are able to do and wish to be in their shoes. Coveting is a parasite that sucks the joy out of you. Coveting also says to God that you don’t think He knows what’s best for you. Coveting steals the joy you would be experiencing if you’d thank God for what you do have.

3. Always find something to be thankful for. Go as far as keeping a journal of things you are thankful for. Take a few minutes one or several times each day to add to your list. Reread your entries whenever your feel discontentment.

4. Always look for the good in your current situation. Don’t dwell on what could have been. Ask God to show you the lesson and the purpose in your current circumstances.

5. Stay in the present by focusing on what’s happening in your life today. Let God take care of your tomorrow.

6. Figure out what your purpose is and start operating in it. When we do what we were created to do we are able to perform at our fullest potential which results in the greatest return on our investment of time.

7. Learn the control your thoughts because what you think directly affects what you do.

8. Forgive people who have wronged you. When we hold grudges it will be hard to be content and at peace within ourselves. Forgiving is not for the benefit of the offender, it for the benefit of the offended. Forgive so that you can move on.

9. Accept things you can’t change. Dwelling on the shoulda, coulda, and woulda’s will keep you unhappy and living in the past. Forgive yourself or others for past choices. If the thing you can’t change is a present situation, ask God for peace and accept His will.

10. Have hope in God. He has a Biblical love letter full of glorious promises written just for you. Read His word daily to remind yourself of all the reasons why you should be content.

Ladies, we all struggle with letting situations steal our joy. What practices do you put in place to keep that from happening too often?

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