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Honduras Mission Trip with Saidah from A Proverbs Wife

Honduras Mission Trip

Honduras Mission Trip

In early October, my husband Germaine and I traveled to Honduras to serve a ministry based in Tegucigalpa. We were there for 7 days and in that time God moved on my heart in ways I could have never imagined.

I never thought I could fall in love with a group of children so quickly and have them impact my heart in ways I thought only my children could.

img_3444 Honduras Mission Trip

About a decade ago, God began calling my husband and I to do more with our time and resources. This was around the time we began working on become debt free. Since that time, God has taken us on a journey that’s involved sponsoring two children through Compassion Ministries, Supporting Operation Christmas Child every year, financially supporting missionaries, regularly donating and now sponsoring another sweet little boy through the Lamb Institute where we served in Honduras.

We’ve wanted to serve in the mission field for some time now, but being bogged down with debt kept us from it for years. At one point I began to think I wasn’t hearing God accurately. Then one day I saw this mission trip meeting and knew if Germaine and I adjusted our finances in some areas we could save the money to go.

We began doing that coupled with support from friends and the trip became even more obtainable.

From the day we arrived God was peeling back layers of my heart and exposing Himself to me through the experience. The first day we arrived we visited the Children’s home and a little boy shout in Spanish, “That’s my father and mother when he saw my husband and I”.  I thought it was some sort of joke being played on us, but I realized he was dead serious. The little boy’s name is Jason and he instantly connected with my husband so much so that he thought we could be his parents coming to get him from the children’s home.Honduras Mission Trip


img_3324-1 img_3364 img_3315 img_3200-1

I would have loved to take every single on of the smaller kids home, but it’s not realistic. Instead, we loved on the kids while we were there and made a commitment to always be a part of the Children’s home family. There were so many instances like this one example where God connected our hearts to the people of Honduras and we can’t wait to go back next year.Honduras Mission Trip

Here are a few more pictures (of the many I took) of our time in Honduras.

img_3525 img_3455-1 img_3454 img_3451-1 img_3444 img_3414 img_3367
img_3359 img_3357
img_3332-1Honduras Mission Trip
img_3327 img_3323 img_3308 img_3306-3 img_3303 img_3279-1 img_3278

Honduras Mission Trip img_3233 img_3228-1 img_3208 img_3206-1

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