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Partnering in Faith

Partnering In Faith

 Partnering In Faith

It was just three weeks ago that my husband and I were asked to travel with a team on a mission trip to Kenya. We knew about the trip that had been in the works for months but decided not to go. We had already committed to going back to Honduras in October and the cost of the Kenya trip was so HIGH compared to Honduras.

We definitely have intentions of serving in Africa someday, being that our God-daughter whom we sponsor through a children’s ministry lives there. However, with us working on baby step 6 in Financial Peace University and trying to get to baby step 7, we were certain we could not pay the $12,000 needed for both trips 100% debt free. For us, it has to be debt free or not at all.

We told our missions pastor it would be impossible for us to pay the entire cost for the trip and that it was such short notice. We had a week to raise the first part of the deposit money for our flight. His reply was, “Is it short notice for God?“. Of course, I believe that nothing is impossible with God. So I had my Mary, mother of Jesus moment and pretty much replied, “Lord; let it be unto me according to thy word.” That day I signed my husband and I’s name on the list of people traveling to Kenya in June.

I didn’t know where the money is going to come from, but I believed it would come if its Gods will. My job was the pray and work as though the prayer has already been answered and it is his job to provide the answer. That first week after signing our names, we prayed, wrote and sent out our missions letters. We also sat down and had a financial meeting to see how much we could realistically invest in what God was calling us to. We ended the weekend with a solid plan and a prayer strategy going forward.

Monday, March 27th’s deadline for the initial deposit has came and went. We had not raised enough money in a week, but what we did do is circle our desire in prayer every day the week before the due date. We asked friends and family to pray with us and support us and I can see that God is up to something.

At this point, we will be on a different flight from our team because their tickets are purchased and we are buying our tickets once we raise at least $7,000. That is the number we specifically asked God to provide by the last week of April to make it clear to us that it’s his desire for us to go.

To date, we’ve gotten $552 in love gifts from friends and family. We have also gotten pledges from friends and family who plan to support us. We are so very grateful and so humbled by the gifts. I swear, every time I see the generosity of the people in my life, I have to fight back tears.

Gifts from our Mission’s Partners

Donor #1 – $152

Donor #2 – $200

Donor #3 – $100

Donor #4 – $100

Total Raised: $552 of $7,000   (as of 3/29/2017)

I’m an introvert, very private and don’t easily depend on people outside of my family to help me. I’ve been hurt before like most of us have and it’s made me guarded in how much of myself I share. To share this journey with people online is the easy part, but sharing it with people in person and letting them see that vulnerable side of me is challenging. Mission has become my heartache and biggest joy. Heartache in the sense that my heart is on the mission field now. Something about the level of gratefulness to God that I experience on the mission field is one hundred times more intense than what I ever experience here in the states.

Here in the U.S., once in a blue moon do I see someone really cry out to God and thank Him for the big and little things like I see on the mission field. The worship I experience and complete dependence on God I feel while being the hands and feet of God in a more obvious and impactful way is something my life needs in this season. Missions are one of the scariest things I do because it’s still so new to me, but also when I get to experience Gods love and plan for me and the nations in a way I’ve never experienced before.

I pray you will partner with me on this journey. Has God has pricked your heart for what He’s doing in mine? If so, I’d love for you to pray and ask God how you can partner with me financially to make this trip possible. I will be sharing more of my journey each week through posts, pictures, and videos. To send your tax deductible love gift via my church click here and follow the steps in the image below. 



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  1. You are amazing and there is such a calling on your life, I am so glad that you are following your heart and doing what you have been lead to do! I know for sure that you will make this trip happen and bless so many people in the process.


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