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Walking In Our Divine Appointments


saidahHow long have you been following my blog? Has it been since 2008 when I first launched it or have you recently stumbled upon it? If you’ve been around since the early days, you’ve come a long way with me and hopefully, something in your life has been made a little bit better because of the stuff I’ve written over the years.

I know my life has changed so much from when I first launched this blog. The life I was working toward, praying for and prophesying is the life I am living today. When I first started this blog, God began giving me glimpses of the life He wanted for me, it was almost too hard to believe it.

For example, God would reveal images me speaking in front of large groups of people, but I had no idea where this was at or who the people were. I didn’t even really know the thoughts were God inspired. I thought they were just random ideas, or daydreams, but I wasn’t the one actually desiring them. They were just thoughts that were inside of me that I believe God was planting to prepare me for the time when He would call me to speak in front of people. Then one day a year ago, my Pastor asked me to share a Mother’s Day message. That was the beginning of me sharing my voice and heart for God outside of creating content for this blog

Since then, I’ve started opening church service on Saturday’s and some Sunday’s. My job and primary goals are to point our hearts, mind, and spirit to Father God as we prepare to honor Him in song and the receiving of His word. My heart is so full when I think about how blessed we are to be able to worship Him freely and I enjoy being part of the process of ushering my brothers and sisters in Christ into the presence of the Lord.

Another example of God’s divine purpose for my life is the work I’m doing on the mission field. God began giving me glimpses of what He had planned for my life years ago and those snippets are unfolding into real moments in my life. My first mission trip was to Honduras last October. I spent one week there with my husband and a couple from one of our other church campuses. It was one of the most life-changing events of my life. I came back certain that the idea of being a full-time missionary that God planted in my spirit years ago was exactly what I am supposed to do.

Honduras Mission TripI already have my 2017 trips planned and am raising the money for the medical, building, food and personal care supplies we’ll be supplying while we’re there. I’d love for you to join my partnership team. Our team consists of the many people who are praying for us and who have supported us financially. To send a financial gift, click here or on the image below.Saidah Washington Mission Trip Button

My husband is in 100% agreement with me and is even seeing how things God planted in his spirit over the years is revealing itself. I spent a lot of time writing over the years about how to build a God-centered marriage. I’ve talked a lot about the importance of putting God first in your personal relationship with Him, in your marriage and role as a parent. All of the effort you put in is not in vain.

You aren’t just working on being more Christ-like to impress people. You are doing it to prepare yourself for the divine appointments God has for your life. There is a purpose behind why you experienced what you’ve experienced and why you must fight and overcome the battles you struggle with. You may not see clearly now the purpose and plan He has for your life, but I can promise you that He has one.

Going forward I am going to begin sharing more of my purpose in this season and showing you how to identify your own. Are you excited about this as much as I am? I sure hope so.

I linked to several videos I filmed discussing the topic of finding your calling. Use the links shared in this post to watch them and make sure to subscribe to my channel. As I create new videos, I want to make sure you are notified.




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  1. Honduras Mission Trip with Saidah from A Proverbs Wife is probably the first and the most moving blog from you, as fas as I am concern. I have learned a lot.
    Please keep up the good work.



    A Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Thanks Victoria.


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