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The Fight of Your Life | Strategies for Biblical Warfare in Marriage

Are you prepared for marital warfare? The enemy wants to destroy Christ centered marriages. The enemy wants to destroy YOUR marriage and will accomplish that goal by any means necessary. He will try and use your husband, children, finances, family and friends.

When your marriage is facing dark moments how will you respond? Without a Christ focused plan, married couples end up fighting the wrong battles against the wrong enemy, but I have some solutions to help you navigate this area.

Join me for a 4-part video course Strategies for Biblical Warfare in Marriage!

The four classes will cover:

— The BIG battle I fought for my marriage over the last 5 days and how my battle can help your marriage.

— Marital Mindset Shift: How to renew your mind, prepare and fight effectively for your marriage.

— Strategies for Marital Warfare | How to Fight in the Spirit for your marriage!

— Creating a new future for your marriage.

This series is going to help you fortify your marriage against attacks and give you tools to make your marriage bond stronger.

Click the “buy now” link to place your order. You will receive access to the video courses via email after checkout.

Today I’m shooting an unedited video about a class called Biblical Warfare in Marriage. If you’d like to join the converstaion, just use the comment box below the post. This video is being streamed live from my YouTube channel. To make sure you catch the next live video, click here to visit my channel on YouTube and subscribe.

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1 thought on “The Fight of Your Life | Strategies for Biblical Warfare in Marriage

  1. Oh my gosh. I LOVE your channel! So happy to have found you. The BATTLEGROUND for marriage is REAL. I would love to hear anything from you about when one spouse is NOT a man of God. The women I minister to are struggling with some real darkness of addiction (my own marriage included!) and often our husbands are bringing in the enemy in waves that are so hard to overcome. We’re already vulnerable and likely damaged and hurt. It’s more than just a thought, it’s a real lifestyle we’re fighting against. Would love some warfare tips!


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