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Why you need to fight to find Gods Light

Fight to Find God's Light

Fight to Find God's Light

We have a true enemy and a true Savior. One’s sole purpose is to ensure we remain in uttter darkness while the other made the ultimate sacrifice for us the live in the light of God.

In this lifetime we will be given the opportunity to decide where we want to dwell. I’ve personally lived both and have made an intentional decision to live in and fight to find Gods light everyday. Finding and living in God’s light isn’t a one time decision.

It’s an ‘every morning when I wake up decision’. It’s a ‘moment by moment’ and ‘situation by situation’ decision. Satan wants us to choose the darkness (or sinful decsions), while God wants us to choose the light or (holy decisions).

There are consequences and rewards to both decisions. If you want to reap the rewards of living in Gods presence, I’ve shared some strategies with you in the video below. In the video I mention my 4 part video webseries I’m sendong out soon called, Strategies for Biblical Warfare in Marriage.

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