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Creating Your New Income Stream from Home

Creating Your New Stream of Income

Creating Your New Stream of IncomeHey friends, I was in an auto collision that really threw me for a loop about a week ago. Since then I have been trying to figure out what my new physical routine.

My neck my shoulders my back and my arm have been in so much pain since the collision which I believe the impact caused my muscles and tendons to be injured. In addition to that the force may have caused my bones structure to be rattled. While looking at me on the outside I seem to have walked away from the wreck unscathed, but in reality my body has been in a lot of pain.

Physical Trauma

In the last seven days I have been working restructuring and realigning my body back to it’s previous state. While the car crash wasn’t very serious it still caused trauma to my body. To remedy the damage caused by the trauma, I’ve started deep tissue stretching which is strengthening and reconditioning my compromised muscles.

By stretching, I am reminding them to be strong.

I am reminding them that they can heal and repair themselves.

I am eating and taking in nutrients that will support my body’s healing process.

I’m applying heat and cold compresses to take down the swelling.

Why am I doing all of these things?

The pain and swelling is a result of trauma that my body experience.

Do you know that your mind can experience trauma as well at that it also needs to be healed?

Some of you have had mental and spiritual traumatic experiences that have put you in a place where you won’t believe Gods promises of abundance.

Psalm 23:1

I was in your shoes. Growing up I went to bed without a meal and even had to eat at local soup kitchens with the homeless as teen. Experiences like those, while we don’t notice it at the time, cause trauma.

Have you had a similar experiences where you did have enough for your basic needs?

  • The result of that kind of trauma keeps you from asking God for more of what you need.

  • It keeps your from believing God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all you can ask or think.

I’m not talking about asking selfishly. I’m talking about asking for your daily supply and surplus supply so that you can do the things that he is calling you to do for the kingdom that require money.

Mental and spiritual trauma is what allows you to talk yourself out of implementing solutions to better manage your money, be debt-free and have enough to bless others.

That same trauma keeps you believing that God wants you to live paycheck to paycheck.

But let me tell you my friend, God has created you for greater and I am going to help some of you be healed from the trauma of poverty.

I’m going to help you restructure your mindset.

  • Are you ready to stop accepting a just over broke mindset?

  • Are you ready to ditch the paycheck to paycheck mentality?

  • Are you tired of working a job you can’t move up in?

  • Are you ready to explore the possibility of entrepreneurship?

  • Do you want to have the courage to believe God for a stable financial situation?

Creating Your New Income Stream 

I’m hosting the next Gifts To Green mastermind in February. It’s going to be a 5-day digital mastermind from February 19-23.

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The mastermind is designed to help you figure out how to make a living using your gifts and talents. You will learn how to identify your gifts and talents and learn ways to monetize them in 2018.

This 5 day mastermind will teach you how to generate revenue from home, in your community and/or online using your natural talents.

To be part of the early bird pricing for this mastermind you’ll need:

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2 – $1’s

That’s $97. The early bird registration will open for one week later this month.

Then the price will go up to $147 .

Are you ready to create your new income stream?

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